FTC letters target more unproven MLM health and earnings claims

Worried about getting sick with COVID-19 or making ends meet because of a pandemic-related job loss? You may see social media posts offering an answer. Some posts advertise products that they say can prevent or treat COVID-19. Others offer the chance to join a multi-level marketing company (MLM) and make lots of money selling the […]

MLM Leadership: How To Get Your Teammates To Focus On Just One Company

Do you have teammates in more than one mlm? Here’s my suggestions for keeping your teammates happy and focused on building your mlm ONLY. MLM Leadership: How To Get Your Teammates To Focus On Just One Company My answer is probably not what you thought… My answer is make your culture and environment so good […]

How To Sign Up Your Brand With The Right Digital Marketing Agency? – Nextraone

How to sign up your brand with the right digital marketing agency? A brand without an online presence is like a car without tires. Whether you are a startup or a successful brand with a legacy of decades, having an online presence is a must. That’s because the online medium has made it possible for […]

should people who sell MLM products put “business owner” on their resumes?

A reader writes: My sister and I have a difference of opinions on whether an MLM (multi-level marketing) consultant could put “business owner” as their title on a resume. My sister’s opinion is, “You’re putting your own money into it, you’re paying to use the name, you’re hiring your people, and responsible for all sales, […]

Affiliate Marketing Hack for Bloggers: Making Money from Launch Jacking | Online Sales Guide Tips

Welcome back Steven Imke July 10, 2020 Launch jacking is an affiliate marketing strategy where a business can take advantage of a new product launch and write a review or blog post about their experience with the product. If your review answers the readers’ questions and convinces them to click on your Call to Action, […]