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10 Tips to 10x Your Affiliate Marketing

As a digital entrepreneur, the longevity of your businesses success rests upon your ability to consistently generate revenue month after month. It’s easily the #1 skill of any business owner.

Which is why relying upon just one course or one product can sometimes be quite dangerous. Just like multiple legs create stability for a stool, so too do multiple revenue streams create stability for your online business and desired lifestyle.

And one of the most effective and easiest ways to create additional income streams online is through the use of affiliate marketing. Whether you run a large business with multiple employees, or a more simple one-person operation, affiliate marketing is something you should be using right now to leverage both your time, income, and opportunities. 

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Many digital marketers are first introduced to affiliate marketing because they want to create passive income. By simply promoting products or services to their lists, these marketers get a commission for any sale which gets produced. It’s that straightforward.

And if it’s an ongoing monthly service, these marketers will get paid every single month!

Sounds good, right?

No need to carry inventory, no fulfillment, and no maintaining the product or service itself. It’s as passive and hands-off an income stream as we know. Especially one which requires relatively zero risk to employ.

In today’s article we’re diving into 10 of the most effective strategies we’ve found to help 10x your affiliate efforts. These are the best of the best tips after working with thousands of entrepreneurs.

Let’s get going!

Affiliate Marketing Tips To 10X Your Profits

#1: Be Authentic

Being authentic is what sets apart many of the business owners who experience the greatest success with affiliate marketing. Your subscribers and customers want to know your honest opinion. They want to know the tools and services you’re using to build your business.

So share what you truly like, dislike, and what’s currently working for you. By focusing on being authentic, your affiliate marketing becomes more like you telling a friend to go see a movie. When it becomes more about serving your audience than it is about getting a commission, your affiliate efforts will instantly take off.

#2: Create Valuable Content

One great way to get started or amplify your affiliate marketing is by creating valuable content! By creating walkthroughs, guides, YouTube tutorials, or other content helping people better understand how to use what you’re promoting, you’ll more effectively generate new opt-ins, build trust, and ultimately create sales.

The strategy here is to focus on showing your people an in-depth process of how you’re currently using the specific product or service. The old phrase “show me don’t tell me” is one which should be put to use in the content you create.

You want step-by-step easy to follow guides, not a 5-page confusing instruction manual. Pat Flynn is an online creator who has used affiliate marketing to significantly grow his revenue. He uses walkthrough videos & tutorials to educate his audience on the products he promotes. Check out his stuff for inspiration on this tip.

#3: Don’t Stop!

Remember, just like products, services, and softwares are constantly changing, so too can the affiliate content you create! You want to consistently be updating and evaluating if the product you’re promoting is still a good fit for your audience.

You can also try using additional unique bonuses as part of your affiliate offer to see if doing so makes it a more enticing deal for them to act on. Affiliate marketing is just like any other marketing, it’s all about the offer! By constantly enhancing your offer or repositioning it to better suit your target audience, you’ll find more success.

#4: Promote The Product As If It’s Your Own

By following this one tip you’ll instantly create more enticing content and offers than your competition. Where most marketers go wrong is they half-heartedly promote their affiliate products. But your people pick up on this and will most likely be drawn to something else.

This is more of a mindshift than anything else. How would you promote this product if it was your very own? How would you teach someone about it if that person was your best friend?

By giving this extra effort, enthusiasm, and level of detail to your affiliate marketing, you’ll be more likely to have your tribe connect with it. Find ways to go above and beyond and reap the rewards of increased passive revenue. This isn’t about slapping #sponsored or #ad on a social media post to get commissions on purchase. Affiliate marketing is about promoting a product you truly love to people who could actually benefit from it.

#5: Choose One Channel And Master It

“I don’t fear the man that knows 10,000 kicks one time.

I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

 Often times where many go wrong with their affiliate marketing is they attempt to promote too many products at once or use too many channels to carry their message. While they still can generate sales, they’re actually working harder for less of a reward.

The more effective strategy is to focus on a single channel and master it before moving on. For some it’s doing in-depth reviews on YouTube, for others it’s doing walkthroughs on an Instagram Live. Choose a channel and product and master it.

It might seem counterintuitive, but by “doing less” you’ll actually generate more interest, subscribers, and sales. Then add in new avenues and watch as everything continues to take off.

#6: Build With The Long Term In Mind

As you’re creating your promotional content and campaigns, you want to build with the long term in mind. You want to approach your affiliate marketing material as evergreen content, meaning that it can continue to work (unchanged) month after month.

This is the end goal of all digital marketers and most business owners. To create assets which produce returns for them without them being required to constantly allocate time to it. And not only is this 100% possible, many people are already doing it.

One of the best ways to shift from a one-time promotion to a recurring passive income stream is to consistently be finding ways to enhance your own offer. Maybe there’s a course you’ve recently created that can now become a “super bonus” or there’s other content you can now provide access to.

Build with the long term in mind and continually optimize your marketing so that not only does your monthly affiliate income remain steady, but actually grows!

#7: Disclose Affiliation

Anytime you’re promoting an affiliate product or service you want to always disclose the fact that you’ll be receiving some type of commission from that transaction. While this is actually a great way to build trust and hide nothing from your prospects, it’s also required by law!

You can use Google to find different snippets of affiliate disclosure copy which you can use in your own efforts. The majority of your people will already know how affiliate marketing works, but by disclosing it anyways and providing helpful content, bonuses, and a well positioned offer, you’ll help make it less of an issue for those who don’t.

#8: Share Your Transformation Story

Stories are one of the most effective and persuasive ways to share your message. And when it comes to affiliate marketing there’s no better way to communicate to your prospects how this specific product or service transformed your business than by using a story.

In fact, it’s the entire reason we created the #kajabihero movement. We wanted to provide our customers an opportunity to share their own Kajabi success stories. Not only does it create a deeper bond between us and them, but it also allows those who are not yet customers to get a sense of what’s possible on our platform.

So in your own affiliate efforts be sure to always include stories about how whatever it is you’re promoting completely transformed your business. Go deeper than just features and benefits. Reveal what life was like before you started using it, and what it looks like now.

By sharing these kinds of stories you’ll better connect with your prospects and convert more of them to trusted customers.

#9: Create A Mini-Course On The Product!

This is a strategy which has recently been taking off! Similar to a walkthrough video, a mini-course provides a more robust opportunity for your prospect to learn the ins and outs of the product you’re promoting. And often times, “the more you tell the more you sell”.

So if you were promoting some form of email marketing service, you could create a “Email Marketing 101 Mini-Course” containing all the affiliate links to the email solutions you currently use. You can provide in-depth training on the strategy (the what) and then send them to the affiliate product or service to get the solution (the how).

#10: Clear Call To Actions

This is our last tip for a reason. In all of your affiliate promotions, everything should lead to a crystal clear call to action. This is the purpose of all the work you’ve done up until this point. So make sure the call to action is clear, repeated, and easy to see.

Tell them what happens when they sign up. Incentivize them to join your list or purchase the product right then and there. Far too often marketers do everything right but then completely forget to ask for a purchase or even an opt-in!

All of your affiliate marketing should contain some sort of clearly defined call to action.

Like we said, affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most effective ways to generate additional income online. Many times it’s completely passive as well!

And the success of this type of marketing truly comes down to sharing products and services which you believe in and know will help the people you’re sharing it with.

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