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25 ways to make or Find a Hundred Smackaroos

I got to thinking about different ways someone short on moola.

Can you find the “bootstrap cash” needed to really make a go of the Jerky Direct biz op.

$16 is not very much money.
In fact, I’ve never heard of a business you can start for just $16.
But, I get it; times are tough. Diapers are expensive.
Every week the school needs money for some activity the kids are participating in.

The cost of living is going up and paychecks are going down.
Even $16 can feel like a fortune sometimes.

make moneySo, I have put together a list of 25 ways you can quickly make or find one-hundred dollars.

One-hundred dollars is more than enough money than you need to start with Jerky Direct, but this way if you want to buy a wholesale case of jerky for resale (to earn quick profits) or want to invest in online marketing stuff (optional), you are ready to go.

Really, you only need the 16 dollars to get there.
The rest is padding.

Without further ado, here are your 25 Ways to Make or Find one-hundred dollars:

1. Have a Garage Sale:
It is said that most families have fifteen hundred dollars or more worth of unused stuff around their homes.
Sell it!

2. Sell Stuff on eBay:
The stuff you have that is lightweight and worth the most money will do better on eBay than in an garage sale.

3. Sell Stuff on Craigslist:
Not in the mood to clean out the garage? Take pics of your items and sell them on Craigslist…especially the bigger, heavier items.

4. Utilize Facebook:
Tell friends what you have to sell, or ask if there are any odd jobs for you to do to rake in some extra cash.

Global NPN5. cash in Your Change:
Do you dump your spare change into a jar each night? If not, you probably have little piles on your dresser, in the couch cushions, or in the junk drawer.
We recently went on a spare change raid and found forty two dollars! Not quite one-hundred dollars, but getting there!

6. Don’t spend Your $5:
One way to save money in a hurry is to not sp^end any five dollar bills that you have.
Pay cash for everything, and when you end up with a five, stick it off to the side.
It adds up fast!

7. Sell on Fiverr:
Speaking of fives, have you looked into
It’s a place where ordinary people sell (often bizarre) services to make five dollars at a time.
List something you’re able to do, do it 20 times, and you’ll have your one-hundred dollars!

8. Sell Your Hair:
Is it time for a haircut? You may be able to sell your hair for c^ash.

9. Donate Plasma:
Many plasma donation centers will pay you around one-hundred dollars for a month’s worth of donations.
Check it out!

10. Do Surveys:
The next time you’re at the m^all and a lady with a clipboard asks you for 10 minutes of your time, ask if she’s willing to pay you! Many research firms operate out of m^alls across the country, and often, they do pay. Or do surveys online. They don’t pay much, but it adds up over time.

11. cashcrate:
And since we’re on the subject of surveys and cash, I should mention my favorite survey and offer site; cashcrate. In fact, it’s the only one I currently participate in. They send me a check every month.

12. Sell Your Books:
Before you sell your books at your garage sale, make sure they’re not worth more than a buck or two. and are great places to make some extra cash.

13. Freelance:
Webmasters and business owners online are constantly looking for freelancers to complete miscellaneous tasks. You could easily add one-hundred dollars to your monthly income by pitching in.

14. Recycle:
Do you live in a state that charges a deposit on soda cans? cash out! Collect from friends and neighbors and cash those in too. Even collecting junk metal can make you some cash. you know anyone that this fits?/530e2c829df85
Click On Image To Share If You Agree!

15. Parents Night Out:
How many of your friends have kids? How many of them desperately need a date night with the hubby? Organize a “parents night out” and charge 15-20 dollars per kid. Set up their sleeping bags on the living room floor, order pizza, rent some Disney movies, and keep an eye out until midnight. This could become a monthly thing…

16. Use Coupons:
If you can’t MAKE and extra one-hundred dollars this month, how about SAVING an extra one-hundred dollars this month…and next month, and next month…
Those who practice extreme couponing can save 20-80% off their food and toiletry bill on a regular basis.

17. Contests:
Are you feeling lucky? Blog giveaways are a great way to win fantastic prizes. You have a much better chance of winning a blog giveaway than you do the lotto. All it takes is a few minutes of your time to enter.

18. Teach a Class:
What knowledge do you have that others want? Perhaps you’re an artist, a musician, or a couponing expert? Put together a 3 hour class on a Saturday morning, advertise to your Facebook friends, charge 20-25 dollars for each participant.

19. Sell Your garden Goodies:
If your garden is producing more food than you can eat, think about selling off some of the surplus.
Do you can? Canned goods sell higher than fresh produce, so consider adding a little work and taking home a bigger profit.

20. Get crafty:
Do you sew, quilt, scrapbook, or craft? Sell your goods! Set up a booth at a local craft fair, or get a store at

21. Walk Dogs:
My daughter and a friend successfully made some cash walking dogs daily. If a couple of 10 year olds can do it, so can you!

22. Be an Extra:
Keep your eyes peeled in your paper for jobs for movie extras. Unless you live in California, this might be only an occasional thing, but it can be a fun way to make an extra 50 To-one-hundred dollars!

23. Sell Images:
Are you handy with a dig^ital camera? There are plenty of ways to make money with your images.

24. Sell on CafePress:
Have something funny to say? Perhaps you are a talented graphic artist. If so, put up some of your designs on CafePress and take a commission each time something sells!

25. Be a Mystery Shopper:
You won’t get rich by becoming a mystery shopper, but an extra one-hundred dollars in a month’s time is more than a reasonable amount to expect. Plus, it’s fun spying on businesses!

I could probably go and come up with more ways to come up with one-hundred dollars, but the point here is twofold. First, you must think outside the box. And second, and more importantly, you must want something bad enough.

When you want something bad enough, like fin^ancial fre^edom, you can find somewhere within yourself the ability to overcome any obstacle.

It’s time to get started.

Here’s my site:

Go to the site “Now”.

If you need help, email me, or call me.

To Your Success
Nick and Debbie Anderson

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