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Are you looking to jump into affiliate marketing, but want to find the best course available so you don’t get ripped off?

My Affiliate Marketing Journey

Hello, I am Jeremy Harrison, I first started in online marketing in 2016 by trying out a few different things, the first thing I tried (and failed) was doing drop-shipping.

I then tried publishing books on Amazon, which I ended up doing fairly well with. However, this didn’t last for very long and I got into affiliate marketing almost by accident.

Humble Affiliate Beginnings

I knew that my Kindle Publishing business wasn’t sustainable and I needed to learn a different skill. That is when I took my first affiliate marketing course called “Affiliate Marketing Revolution”.

At the time I was absolutely blown away by what I learned. It all seemed so easy, start up a Youtube channel, start up a blog and just write reviews about products that I used (and didn’t use).

Believe it or not, I almost instantly started to make money! Even though I really didn’t understand what I was doing, I started making money and I thought I had it all figured out.

I was making around $700 a month just with a Youtube channel! I caught the wave of finding the right product at the right time, and I had the results to show for it.

So I decided to start a blog, thinking that if I was able to do what I did on Youtube, then I would be able to double my income easily.

Unfortunately, this didn’t happen. My website was atrocious; I could BUY a visitor to my site. I didn’t know what I was doing wrong.

I then read a review for CB Passive Income and how you can have “turn key system” that can make you money just by duplicating Patric Chan’s “business” system. I set up a landing page, starting an email list and started buying solo ads to enter my funnel so I can start profiting… and that didn’t work.

I soon realized that the whole system was a sort of Ponzi scheme, where the “business” you were sending traffic to was… CB Passive Income! I literally bought a course that taught you how to get other people to buy the same course you just purchased!

Introduction To Affiliate + SEO

After that is when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate. That’s when I learned about writing to get your articles discovered and ranking highly on Google and the importance of doing keyword research and competitor research. Once again my mind was blown away again, because this was THE FIRST TIME I ever heard of these things.

I again thought I had it all figured out and went full stream ahead on my blog. I thought I had a cool brand, a cool logo and it was only a matter of time until the money started rolling in…

Unfortunately it was just a trickle. My articles were now actually showing up on Google and getting some traffic here and there, but they weren’t ranking HIGHLY.

“Imagine I was able to get on the first page for this term, then I would  REALLY be rich!”

I was a bit bitter from the experience, but my sites were starting to rank. I felt like I stumbled and fumbled my way into actually having some success.

Meeting An Honest Affiliate

Towards the end of 2017 I became aware of Greg Jeffries through some Facebook posts praising his SEO Affiliate Domination. I was instantly intrigued as other people were recommending his course in Facebook groups without any prompting.

I decided to check out his course, even though I didn’t really do much research on it other than looking at his website and checking out some of his impressive dashboards.

He just came across as a genuine person, not a know-it-all type “guru” who had all the answers. I took his course and he had all the tactics I already knew at that point with PBN’s, a bunch of tools and writing SEO articles.

If I hadn’t already taken 20 affiliate marketing courses I might have been impressed, but I felt like I had already seen most of it and was sort of disappointed. But just for shits and giggles I decided to make one of his churn and burn style sites from an expired domain I had that wasn’t doing anything, and immediately started making a few hundred dollars per month.

I still didn’t think much of it because it felt sort of spammy. But I tried it again on another domain and then things really started taking off for me. These churn and burn type sites began making more money than my regular affiliate sites, giving me some breathing room to experiment with different things.

From Affiliate SEO To Affiliate Marketing

From the beginning of January 2018 to around October I decided to reinvest into learning even more about affiliate marketing as well as SEO. I took several additional courses and got some high level Youtube coaching so that I could take things to the next level.

The one course that really stuck out was the Authority Hacker course. It showed that using PBN’s really are not the be-all-end-all for ranking sites. I learned that your content should be good enough that people actually want to link to it. So it completely changed the way I thought about writing content and earning links.

Then in November I bought the Income School Project 24 course and it forced me to rethink affiliate marketing yet AGAIN. The real take away from the course was that focusing on obtaining backlinks takes away from the time and effort you could devote to making great articles and earning links naturally.

This made a lot of sense to me, but of course there are some limitations to this way of building sites, especially in more competitive niches.

I hope my story gives you a better sense of where I am coming from, and to see that when it comes to testing out affiliate marketing courses that I have been there, done that.

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