3 Important Steps to Help You Overcome the “I’m Not Successful Yet” Mindset, In MLM Recruiting

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Have you ever wondered, especially when you’re starting new, if you haven’t had the ‘successful’ track record yet…

How can you get people to join you?

It’s like the chicken and egg paradox of which one comes first…

How can you have success if no one signs up?

How can you sign up anyone if you haven’t had any success?

First off…

Success is all relative.

Meaning, what appears to be successful for one person, may not be seen as successful by someone else.

So, you cannot count yourself out as ‘unsuccessful’ just because you haven’t recruited someone yet, or, haven’t made a certain amount of money.

There’s more than one side to success!

We’ll touch on that more and how that helps you, later in this blog.

Now, how you can overcome this and recruit more people?

It’s not a script…

in the many stages of your MLM activities- inviting, recruiting, closing, etc.

Similar to the other

It’s just a shift in steps that can help you overcome the these obstacles, so you won’t feel stuck, and can recruit more prospects. 

So, let’s go through these next three steps…

3 Steps to Overcoming the “I’m not successful yet” Mindset

Step #1 –  Awareness and Confidence 

Before anything, it’s about having awareness that you are successful because you’re going in the right direction…

Meaning, you’re going towards your dreams and vision! 

A lot of times what holds many network marketers back, is the false belief that if they are not ‘successful enough” (haven’t signed anyone up or haven’t made money), prospects will not want to join. 

Remember, there is more than one way success can be defined…

It doesn’t matter if a prospect has more money than you.

If your prospect is unsatisfied with their current situation, but they’re scared to take action, you took action already!

Just the fact that you took action, you are more successful.

So stop beating yourself up by  saying, “I’m not having success yet”.

Even if you feel you’re “stuck and going nowhere”…

Feeling stuck is only temporary, because you have awareness of two things:

-What you need to do

-Where you are going

It is through this awareness and vision that will help you break down that false belief of ‘not being successful enough’

As well, awareness of those two things brings forward confidence.

Vision and confidence work together, and that is what people buy from you first.

It is the vision of where you are going that attracts prospects and finalizes closes. 

Step #2 – Learning or Earning

If you’re not earning, make sure you’re learning.

One of the common ways of learning is by reading books, attending events, etc. and applying what you learned…

As long as people are learning, what’s gonna happen?

They’re going to earn! 

How many of you first started…

Didn’t earn anything your first few months in the business, then, after 20+ people, you got your first sign up? 

That happened because you learned and got better from your first approach to the next. 

Each rejection, every ‘no’, tells you two thing:

-Where you can improve on

-You are closer to the next ‘yes’ 

Regardless of where you are as far as recruiting, or in your business, make sure you are always learning and applying!

Two Way to Maximize Learning:

-Apply what you learned from a book, event, etc. within the next 24-72 hours. 

-Track the numbers of your activities- call, meetings, etc.

Similar to how Amazon tracks their business’ numbers, tracking your numbers motivates you to stay on course, and shows the direction of your growth.

Step #3 – Commitment and Consistency

Commitment paired with consistency, will bring results. 

What is meant by commitment?

Commitment is just showing up.

Committed is showing up for a training, even if the ‘success’ isn’t there.

You are calling prospects, following up, even if the check isn’t there yet.

Similar to commitment, consistency is about action.  

It’s the habits you consistently practice.

It’s when people keep seeing you make videos, they keep seeing you read, or sharing things you learned…

They may not always like, comment on what you share at first, but after a while they become more and more interested.

Consistent action always raises curiosity from people.

Now, people’s curiosity can mean different things…

Some people will be curious but never join or buy from you, or, others may just buy your products.

As well, you will have others who will be curious enough just to see if you ‘fail’.

It sounds like it’s a bad thing, but it’s the world we live in.

There are some waiting for you to fail… 

So you know what?

You prove them wrong by keep going, by being consistent! 

Because it’s not about them, it’s about the direction you are heading.

Commitment and consistency will bring forward results.

As well, sharing value consistently will attract the right people into your business.

The Next Step

The next step is you.

If you have felt stuck, or ‘not successful’ enough…

Apply these three steps to empower your mindset and actions, because ultimately, it WILL  manifest in your business.

Remember, you are already successful because you are aware and headed in the right direction!

So, what’s your next action step?

Comment below how this was helpful, and share it with your team.

God Bless,
Simon Chan


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