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But first, a note on subject line best practices…

The average white-collar worker gets at least 121 emails every day. Getting your email read requires competing against dozens of other email marketers of varying skill levels. Want to stand out and get your emails read? Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when crafting your subject lines…

Personalized subject lines

Personalization works. Using a recipient’s name in your subject line can improve your open rates by up to 50%! Here are a few personalized email subject lines we’ve seen that were particularly interesting:

Urgency-based / FOMO subject lines

An urgency-based or FOMO (fear of missing out) email is what it sounds like — you’re offering your readers one final opportunity to get something before it’s gone forever.

Social proof subject lines

People are more likely to trust you if their friends and family already trust you.

Humorous/funny subject lines

My dad always said laughter is the best medicine. He stopped saying that after five of us died of tuberculosis, but I still think it’s true.

Promotional (to-the-point) subject lines

People generally expect you to sell them something when they click on a promotional email. Sometimes, the best way to drive conversions is to meet expectations in a clear, direct way. If your offer is strong, and your promotion compelling, it shouldn’t need much dressing up in your email subject.

List- or number-focused subject lines

Many earlier examples used numbers effectively, but there’s a major difference between listing your available prices and leading with data.

Ready to send?

A great subject line can help you push past the crowd of boring and desperate-sounding emails in everyone’s inboxes. But subject lines alone won’t make you rich.

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