5 Email Marketing Best Practices

The successful owner of a small business knows the importance of constantly reaching out to more people in an effort to attract more customers. Using email marketing best practices can help you to connect with more potential customers in a meaningful way.
Some business owners create one type of email and go the email automation route. This is the type of email that lands in many virtual mailboxes but probably goes unread. Of course, some email marketing methods are more effective than others. Discover five email marketing best practices to make your emailing efforts more effective.

1. Choose the Right Time to Send Your Email

affiliate marketing examplesWhen it comes to email marketing best practices, the timing of an email is very important. You can set your email to arrive in virtual mailboxes at a certain time. Sending an email in the first or second hour of a typical workday is a smart idea. It’s best to send email between Tuesday and Friday.

Email sent on a Monday may not get the full attention of people who are recuperating from a busy weekend. Sending email in the evening from around 7:00 to 10:00 can also be beneficial. People are relaxing after work and may be more inclined to read through what you have to convey about your business.

2. Provide Incentive for Sharing Your Email

Encouraging recipients to share an email is a common suggestion on most email marketing best practices lists. But, most people are so familiar with seeing the please share button on all types of emails they are likely to ignore it. So, try going about things a different way. Make it worth a person’s time to share your email. For instance, offer a discount on your merchandise to anyone who shares your email with a friend or coworker.

Or, offer them an enticing incentive such as free shipping if they share your email. Having incentive for sharing your email may be what you need to grab the attention of those who receive your emails.

email marketing examplesAny thorough list of email marketing best practices includes a suggestion regarding information collection. For example, if you own an online shop that sells pet supplies, ask your customers to fill out a quick survey about their pet. Or, record and organize data on what your customers’ purchase on a regular basis. Say you have a customer who raises toy poodles and purchases a certain type of dog food every month.

Right there, you have the information you need to tailor an email to the customer that will appeal to them. Your email may suggest different supplements to help in the muscle development of toy poodles. Or, you may offer discounts on the specific type of dog food the person buys. Taking the time to collect information about a customer allows you to create personal emails. This is likely to grab the customer’s attention and maybe even win you another loyal customer!

By the way, it’s important when using email marketing best practices involving information collection that you keep customer information secure.

4. Test Different Types of Email Marketing To Find The Best Practices

Trying different types of email is the only way to find out what appeals to your recipients. This idea is email marketing best practices 101. You may have a call to action in the subject line of fifty percent of your emails and an enticing description in the subject line of the other fifty percent. This is a great way to find which subject line got more attention and more response from recipients.

Once you find what appeals to your recipients, you may want to try email automation to reach more people. But, be sure to change it up to keep it fresh and new for your customers. As a small business owner, you always want to be stirring up more word of mouth about your products and services.

Other email marketing ideas to try when creating your message:

  • Use humor to convey a point
  • Include the recipient’s name
  • Use capital letters and bold lettering
  • Ask questions to engage your recipients

If you would like some more ideas check out these email marketing golden rules.

5. Get Straight to the Point in Your Emails

email marketing costMost people spend just a few seconds scanning an email. So, the trick is to convey what you have to within the first few lines of your email. Follow email marketing best practices by making every sentence in your email succinct and clear. If you stir up a recipient’s interest in the first few sentences of your email, he or she is likely to read on. The idea is to get them interested right away.

The point is to offer valuable information and grow your email list. Trying one or more of these email marketing best practices can garner more customers for your small business as well as help to maintain your loyal ones. A small business owner who uses email marketing best practices in a wise way can get the word out about their products and services to people throughout the world.

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