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Our Affiliate Marketing Classes Business Bundle Deal!

affiliate marketing classesThe Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Business Bundle is the best, most-comprehensive affiliate marketing program around!  The Pajama Affiliates are the go-to group if you want to learn how to earn legitimate streams of income from home working on your computer.  These are the most honest and legit affiliate marketing classes designed for real people who need help getting started.

We’ve helped hundreds of people just like you make money online with affiliate marketing and blogging!  

What Makes Our Affiliate Marketing Classes Different?

What makes the Pajama Affiliates affiliate marketing classes different is that we offer PERSONAL HELP to our clients so they are never left in the dark fending for themselves.

Our personal coaching group is ready and available to help you along the way to success.

Our courses will show you step by step how to build a blog around your personal passions, problems and interests and make money with it!  

legitimate affilaite marketing programThis is NO Hype!

We will show you how to earn an honest work at home income from your computer writing about something you already know and love.

Most affiliate marketing programs want you to push their products and set up sites that are centered around them.  That’s not what the Pajama Affiliates do!  You will not be setting up any sleazy, squeeze sales pages or pushing products for us that you know nothing about.

We Teach You to Make Money Legitimately Online!

Our affiliate marketing classes are a legitimate way to build a real business from blogging!

We teach you to make money online blogging about things you already are passionate about and have an interest in.  We can teach you how to turn your lifestyle into a blog that makes money for you over time! That is real residual income!

Affiliate Marketing has been given a sleazy reputation over the years and really, it’s an amazing opportunity to make money online from home.  At Pajama Affiliates, we don’t do sleazy – we show you how to do affiliate marketing in a way that is honest and true to who you are.  

Have you ever wondered how people make money writing online?

Well, there are a lot of ways to do it but the best way to do it is with a blog of you very own.  A blog offers you long lasting residual income over time, whereas most online writing gigs that pay money are fleeting.  Sure, you could write for someone else and make a few bucks a day OR you could learn to write a blog for yourself and earn a lot more money!

Residual income with blogging is wonderful because one blog post has the potential to pay you over and over and over again when done right (we can show you how it’s done).  The more you blog, the more residual income you can make.

Affiliate Marketers Make REAL MONEY with Us!

affiliate marketing income for one monthTake Lesley for example, Lesley is a stay at home mommy blogger with a review blog that makes close to $100,000 a year.  She made over $52,000 in one month alone! Yes, you read that right, it says $52,000 in one month from a blog!

She started her blog in 2011 and has been working it ever since.   Lesley is one of the admins of our support group and one the co-creators of our affiliate marketing classes.  She has been working her blog for over 5 years and makes enough money to support her family of five.  This is no hype my friends, we can help you start blogging towards a work at home income!

What Can We Do for You?

We offer you the best video tutorials that will take you step by step through the fundamentals of blogging for affiliate marketing income.  You will learn how it all works and how to find a profitable niche (blog topic) that you can write about and EARN with!

This is not some get-rich-quick affiliate marketing scheme; we are going to show you how to blog about something you already know and make money with it. Blogging is not a get rich overnight thing – it takes time, but the residual income you can earn is out of this world.  

Listen, the Pajama Affiliates affiliate marketing classes include everything you need to learn how to make money with affiliate marketing and blogging for one low price!

Affiliate Marketing Classes Business Bundle Includes:

How to find a suitable niche using your passions, problems and interests
How to do keyword research
How to Find affiliate programs
Learn valuable search engine optimization and keyword placement that works
Learn how to write unique content that’s true to who you are
How to create your own graphics using free programs
Where to get free images for commercial use
Learn about buyer keywords that sell
Learn how to write a blog post that converts sales
Create killer looking content that looks professional
Learn how social media can drive FREE traffic to your blog

We walk you through finding a niche just right for you.

Finding Information Keywords (for information based articles)
Finding Product Keywords
Using your keywords for on page optimization
Alphabet soup for keyword ideas
Image opitimzation for your keywords
How to write better content for your keywords that out ranks the big guys
Effective interlinking strategies

How to target buyer keywords
Moving through the buyer funnel
Delivering titles that target your audiences
How to write to target your buyers
Solving your readers problems with product solutions
2 BONUS Keywords that Convert to Buyers!

and…….. the best part…..

The importance of using relevant keywords
Effective keyword placement strategies
How to write more unique
Adding voice and personality to your writing
Using contextual affiliate links to convert more sales
Using product displays to convert more sales
Visual appeal – Why Eye Appeal is Buy Appeal

Discover the art of targeting your market so you can make more sales with less traffic.
Learn how to target your audience on your blog as whole.
Real examples of targeted keywords, blog posts and more.

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You’re Hired!

Blogging has no age requirements! It doesn’t care if you are male or female, single or married, Asian or Caucasian.  Blogging is an equal opportunity employer and as soon as you sign up – you’re hired!

What is a Blogger?

A blogger is a an every day person like you an me that writes online about a topic on a reoccurring basis.  These topics in the blogging world are called a niche.

Do I Need Experience as a Blogger?

You do not need much more than some basic computer skills to be a blogger.

You do not need be an amazing writer to be a blogger, in fact, bloggers are more laid-back, casual writers, similar to how I’m speaking to you right now.  I’m not using what I like to call $10-words to impress you; I’m simply talking like I would to you the way I talk to anyone. That is how bloggers write.  You don’t need a degree in journalism and you don’t have to be a magazine editor to be a blogger.  No experience is really required

Our course will help you find a niche that works for you and that is profitable for writing about online.

Our course will show you how to set up a blog of your very own so that you can start writing about your niche topic.

Our course will show you how to write a blog post that converts sales with special techniques that the pros use.

**THE BEST PART!!** >>>> Our course will give you personalized attention when you need it with a support group to answer questions when you have them.

We have an online support group on Facebook that is like no other work at home forum on the planet!  We say that with confidence because we know we have something special.  Our Pajama Affiliates are our biggest asset!  

You can read client testimonials HERE.  We are the real deal!  Are you in?

As we grow, more and more of our clients are making money and they are more than happy to give back to our community and help you out.  As you grow and learn, you’ll want to do the same for others.  We’ve got a supportive and encouraging group like no other, we’re happy to welcome you to our family!   In this group, you have the creators of this course, the admins and hundreds of other affiliate marketing bloggers all gathered in one place  This is the most powerful support group and mastermind because it has a wealth of blogging expertise and knowledge available.

***The support group alone is worth all the money you pay for the course!!***


***Coupon Codes are for Members of our  All Other Customers Click the Buy Button to Purchase. 

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Our Affiliate Marketing Classes Testimonials!

All of our affiliate marketing classes offered in this amazing bundle are tried and true!  We have real testimonials from people who are really making money online with affiliate marketing.

What Qualifies Us to Teach?

We are experienced affiliate marketing bloggers who are earning a full time living online!  We’re not talking earnings from selling you our programs either, we’re talking about real, residual income from affiliate marketing on our blogs!

Our coaches have experience in a variety of different affiliate marketing niches and have the expertise to help you make money online too.

Robin Cockrell is a self-made entrepreneur who has made her online success with digital products!  She is the founder of the Pajama Affiliates!  Robin has been in affiliate marketing since 2009 and she has sold hundred of thousands of dollars in digital products alone!  Robin leads the Pajama Affiliates with the utmost integrity and it’s what has grown her business into what it is today.

Lesley Stevens is the co-creator of this series of affiliate marketing classes and she earns over $100,000 a year with alone!  Lesley has sold millions of dollars in affiliate marketing products, she’s created her at home business from nothing and now is the sole supporter of her family of five.

Jeremy Randall is a website builder with a strong WordPress background.  Jeremy is the creator of our WordPress from scratch course that is especially designed for what we do.  His background in technology has been a huge asset to our group and our program, you don’t want to miss out on all the knowledge that he offers in our affiliate marketing classes.

So What are You Waiting For??

Get our best affiliate marketing classes all-in-one and start your affiliate marketing business right the first time!

Affiliate Marketing Classes Business Bundle Includes:

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