Affiliate Marketing for Startups – Yes or No ?

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Clients have been asking me whether affiliate marketing is a good strategy for startups and other businesses trying to grow. They often sound sceptical but my answer is always Yes. If I had to point out any disadvanteges of starting an affiliate program in an early stage of growth, only very few would come to my mind, if any. I will get to these later, let’s focus on the advantages first.

The Pros of running an affiliate program

For those of you, who prefer visualisation over text, here’s a short video on what affiliate marketing is and how Post Affiliate Pro works:

Why is affiliate marketing a good option for Startups?

  1. You only pay for results – unlike traditional advertising methods, affiliate marketing is the most cost effective one. If your affiliates don’t perform and bring leads, they simply don’t get paid. Have you ever received a check from Google saying that your AdWords didn’t bring enough revenue so they’re giving you your money back? Me neither.
  2. You don’t spend time on advertising – let others do the work for you so you can worry about other, more important issues, or issues that you have skills for. You don’t need to be a marketing expert, neither you have to learn any marketing methods to run an affiliate program. Simply setup your affiliate program and then payout your affiliates once a month. That’s where your job ends.
  3. Find Super affiliates and you’re golden – you don’t need hundreds of affiliates to succesfully run an affiliate program. In general, most of businesses have 3-5 Super affiliates who generate more than 50% of the revenue from their whole affiliate program.

What are super affiliates and how can I find them? Stay in touch, subscribe to our newsletter and you will find out in our next week’s blogpost! Meanwhile you can test Post Affiliate Pro in a free Demo.


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