Affiliate Marketing Industry News Roundup 8-8-2018

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Affiliate Marketing News 8-8-2018

Thanks for checking out this week’s edition of affiliate marketing news roundup! I’ve collected some interesting and timely affiliate marketing news pieces and blog posts from around the interwebs.

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Program Managers – Common Questions Answered

“If you work with FMTC as an advertiser, you know we provide thousands of offers to publishers every day. Our system and data entry team work hard throughout the day to aggregate and verify offers. Then, your affiliates receive your deals in an automated fashion via our datafeeds. Those are the basics of our service! But, you may still have questions so here are a few common ones I receive from advertisers regularly.”

Source: FMTC


Bonus Time: How to Motivate Your Affiliates

“Whether your program needs to hit the ground running or needs a little pick-me-up; it’s time to inspire!

There’s more to running a successful program than willing affiliates and a good product. You must get involved with your program. Who’s in it? What are they looking for? Then you have to find what motivates them.

You see, affiliates have a lot on their plates. Brands are always reaching out for their help in promoting and if they’re a top-notch influencer, you can bet their inbox is full. That means you’re competing with other programs that might offer a higher commission, hard-dollar budgets, better promotions, etc. You don’t have to go revamping your program structure to compete; you just have to find ways to get attention and motivate.”

Source: All Inclusive Marketing


The Merchant’s Guide to Using Facebook for Affiliate Marketing

“You’ve probably heard this by now, a few times over, and it might be enough anecdotal evidence to skip focusing on Facebook as you grow your business’ affiliate marketing footprint. But we’re here to tell you to rethink that.”

Source: Business 2 Community


5 Influencer Gifting Tips – By Stephanie Salomon

“As influencer marketing continues to be a cornerstone of any retailer’s digital marketing strategy, the concept of gifting products or services can be an effective way to activate these partners and inspire content around one’s offering.

Gifting gives influencers a chance to fall in love with a product and feel compelled to share it across their platform, which aids their ability to stay authentic. To better support your influencer strategy, here are five tips for brands looking to improve their gifting efforts.”

Source: FeedFront


How Attribution Models Affect Your Affiliate Program (Whitepaper)

“Since the inception of the performance marketing industry, the primary form of affiliate attribution has been Last-Click. This means that the last publisher in the clickstream receives 100% of the commission. Although this an easy and simplistic model that has helped build the industry for years, new technology is opening doors to multiple attribution options.”

Source: PMA


How to Use the New Shopping Feature in Instagram Stories to Radically Boost Your Sales

“Instagram has become one of the hottest social media platforms around, with its total number of daily active users now at 1 billion. Marketers worldwide have started to tap into its hidden potential for targeted advertising.”

Source: Entrepreneur


15% of Your Competitors Sales are from Affiliate Marketing. Are Yours? Affiliate Marketing 101

“Predictions Indicate Affiliate Marketing Will Generate $6.8 Billion Between Now and 2020. Why Does Affiliate Work SO Well?

Low Risk, High Payoff”

Source: eAccountable


Publishers: Consider These 5 Things When Joining An Affiliate Marketing Program

“As a publisher, it’s in your best interest to be aware of the subtle differences between one brand’s affiliate marketing program and another’s. That awareness will help ensure you don’t make poor decisions when it comes to partnering with brands via their affiliate programs.

Here are five characteristics you should be looking for in a well-run affiliate program as either a publisher or someone who oversees the channel at a high level.”

Source: Acceleration Partners


7 Big Mistakes New Affiliate Marketers Make

“Affiliate marketing is still a lucrative field, despite what some might be saying, but it’s more challenging than ever to make real progress if you’re not heavily prepared. There are some things that many beginners seem to get wrong consistently, so it’s a good idea to focus on those points if you want to avoid some of those common traps.”

Source: Times Square Chronicles


Affiliate Programs: What Startups Need to Know About Them

“Affiliate programs can be the lifeblood that jumpstarts a new business venture. By building relationships with top bloggers and online personalities, you can reach new audiences and take your business to new heights. But you have to pay a little something for the privilege. Learn more about how affiliate programs work and what you need to do to build a successful affiliate relationship.”

Source: Business 2 Community


Attribution-Based Commissions: Death To ‘Last Click Wins’ – By Vanessa St-Amand

“In affiliate marketing, the archaic rule of ‘last click wins’ is on its last leg, and for a very good reason. It’s rare that only one affiliate or marketing touch point is the sole driving force for a customer conversion. A blog or review site may be the touch that educates and influences a customer to purchase, but ends up being displaced as the last click by a coupon or deal site, and therefore doesn’t receive any credit or compensation.”

Source: FeedFront


20 Key Takeaways from the 2018 Denver Digital Summit

“The 2018 Denver Digital Summit featured digital marketing presentations by industry leaders discussing the best practices, latest trends and hottest strategies in marketing today. The topics covered ranged from search marketing and email marketing to customer experience, content marketing, and more. Here are 20 key takeaways from this year’s conference.”

Source: eAccountable


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