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Turning 50 Into Your AdvantageDo you ever feel like each day that you walk into your office that there is a sea of fresh new faces?

Have you ever felt like punching one of those eager little faces with all of their “innovative” ideas?

Maybe just a quick nose flick to squash their general lack of appreciation for the old-timers who have already cut their teeth and made the sacrifices to reach career success?

Yeah. Me, too.

But, just because younger entrepreneurs are entering the performance marketing industry doesn’t mean you have to pack up your laptop and head home.

Stick with me if you’re looking down at the throat of the Big Five-Oh because I’ve got a bunch of reasons why our favorite industry will always celebrate having you with us.

In fact, unlike those young whippersnappers, you can use your age to your advantage to continue to close All Teh Deals.

Unlike the tenderfoots, you’ve got the proverbial “street cred.” You know the industry inside out, upside down, and sideways. You’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and you know the importance of keeping your word.

You are the expert at what you do. People come to you first to solve a problem. You’re asked about the mistakes you’ve made and how you got past them to be the big deal that you are today.

You’ve nailed this credibility thing and own it like a badge of honor. You can only gain that through time and experience.

You’ve Got the Entrepreneurial 411

Yes, those youngin’s like to make fun of your enormous Rolodex on your desk. But you know that it is your crystal ball of instant information — each business card cultivated with a purpose and documented methodically.

You may not have the immediate answer, but you know the person to call or email to find it.

More deals have been done using those pieces of paper than what can be found on any rookie’s LinkedIn page.

Life is an Experience That Keeps You Going

Turning 50 means that you have already traveled down the business road as the fledglings are crawling their way to the start line. You’ve lived through the ups and downs of this industry. You’ve reinvented your business multiple times. You’re a survivor.

Like your grandparent reminiscing on how many miles it took to walk to school in the snow, you can look at all the obstacles and victories you’ve experienced in the past while drawing on that knowledge to make the best deals with much less effort now.

Avoiding the Business Drama

In every industry, there is business drama that can suck the spirit and motivation from any newcomer.

Luckily with age also comes perspective about what is essential to your career. You know not to waste your time on frivolous deals, petty arguments, and idiotic ventures around you.

Instead, you keep your eyes on the end prize.

Work/Life Balance Pursuit

You’ve finally understood the importance of maintaining a work/life balance. Not only are you focusing on getting mentally and physically well, but you also now have the time to mentor young kids who will be the future entrepreneurs.

You are ensuring that our industry continues to evolve and grow.

While it might feel a bit intimidating to see those young entrepreneurs all about as you turn 50, remember that you have so much more to offer to our industry.

Use your age to your advantage.

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