Multi-level marketing brands ‘cult-like’ and ‘not worth it’ – former sellers

It’s not uncommon in 2019 to know a number of people who claim to run their own business selling makeup, essential oils or protein supplements. Many popular brands, such as Arbonne, doTERRA, Avon, Scentsy and Herbalife, are masters of multi-level marketing (MLM), network marketing or ‘direct selling’.  In these direct sales business models, representatives earn […]

MLM Prospecting: #1 Tip For Men Who Are Trying To Prospect Women

Single or in a relationship, dudes should be careful about giving mixed signals to the ladies. Here’s my best advice for any men that are prospecting women for their network marketing business. MLM Prospecting: #1 Tip For Men Who Are Trying To Prospect Women In A Relationship: If you’re not single, number one tip here. […]

Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

The Best Amazon Affiliate Training Course! Learn SEO strategies and monetazation techniques that you can apply to your blog today! So much has happened in the last year since I first recorded the original Masterclass that it was time for a Masterclass 2.0! I’m calling this the Masterclass Remastered because in the last year I’ve […]

Do Most People Fail In Network Marketing MLM? (Reality Check About Quitting)

Someone said to me recently that they were not interested in a home network marketing business because they heard that 80% or more of all people fail. First of all… Yes… it’s absolutely TRUE! …but before we get into this, I want to make an important distinction… most people fail in network marketing, simply because […]

3 productivity tips for busy marketers to increase content marketing success

If you’re feeling short on time, you’re not alone. In 2014, Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs released a report noting that 69 percent of B2B marketers and 57 percent of B2C marketers share the same challenge of their job: lack of time. Technology connects everyone online. It’s the reason content marketing is so powerful. But connecting with […]