How to Create Culture In Your MLM Team Facebook Group

67 Shares Want to increase engagement and results from your mlm team facebook group? Here’s my suggestions for anyone who has a team facebook group page or is thinking about starting one. How to Create Culture In Your MLM Team Facebook Group How do you bring culture to your team when your not the one […]

How influencers are using a new affiliate-marketing tool to text message their fans and drive sales

Summary List Placement Text messages are gaining popularity as a way for influencers to communicate directly with their fans — and earn money. College student Nazjaa Hughson (361,000 followers on TikTok) said texting has become a significant part of her fashion influencer business through affiliate marketing, which generally consists of recommending a product to followers […]

7 Women in Affiliate Marketing That Inspire Me

There are a ton of people that have influenced the direction of the affiliate industry in both good and bad ways.  But this post isn’t about forums, conferences and associations (many in affiliate marketing are women lead and founded), this is about specific women that have shaped my path and that I am grateful for. […]

Get with Google Local Services Ads: Are You Ready to Enhance Your Digital Marketing Strategy? | Online Sales Guide Tips

David Hunter March 8, 2021 When searchers turn to Google to find professional service providers (plumbers, lawyers, locksmiths, etc.), they don’t have time to browse. These users need services now. If you’re a local business providing these or other services, it’s time to recognize this and get with the program by giving customers a nearly-effortless […]

How to Supercharge Your Affiliate Marketing Using Product Reviews – MaxWeb Affiliate Network

1. Increase desire by comparing your product to similar alternatives You might think that a review doesn’t need to talk about any other products. After all, you’re reviewing this particular product, not the competition, right? Wrong. Today’s customers make more comparison-based decisions than ever. They read reviews, ask for recommendations on social media, and look […]

Why Evangelical Christians Love Multi-Level Marketing So Much | Neil Carter

Why do so many evangelical Christians gravitate toward multi-level marketing schemes? Expatriates from the faith know exactly why:  because they’ve been training for them their whole lives. The evangelical Christian faith is itself a multi-level marketing scheme, and evangelism is its sales process. Of course, the stated goal of any MLM is the selling of […]