Best Digital Marketing Course In Mumbai with 100% Placement Assistance

MCTA is a premium Digital Marketing Training Institute providingDigital Marketing Course in Mumbai. We are an institute which provides 100% Digital Marketing Classroom Training and where our students work practically. The idea is to help them reach the stage where they can create and implement any digital marketing strategy independently without any senior’s hand holding. How does that sound.

At MCTA, we take the words ‘Practical Training’ very seriously. Hence we have tailored our course syllabus in such a manner that it majorly focuses on training on LIVE Projects and hence this course can be termed as an Industry-based Advance Digital Marketing Course in Mumbai. So it is not just a word for us but a commitment.

The training at MCTA has the right mix of theoretical study and practicals and is delivered ONLY by the best Digital Marketing Faculties in Mumbai. In our Masters Program we provide 80 hours of intensive classroom training and cover 12+ core modules.

A usual Digital Marketing Course classroom training session looks like this:

The real objective behind learning digital marketing strategies on LIVE projects is to make our students confident, so that they can work for any organisation as a digital marketing professional independently.

Working on LIVE projects will also give actual data and at MCTA we teach how to analyse this data to further optimise the campaigns and improve the ROI for any brand.

So, not only does a digital marketing student at MCTA learn how to work as an executive but he also gets a first-hand experience of how a digital marketing manager thinks and analyses.
It cannot get any better than this.

Though being the most trending course in the market, the course itself is NOT technical. Anybody with basic internet browsing skills can opt for digital marketing course training at MCTA and coin their career as a digital marketing freelancer, consultant, professional or even as a digital marketing mentor.

Digital Marketing is essentially required by any company from any industry and hence the requirement for Digital Marketing Professionals have skyrocketed.

A typical batch at MCTA consists of a mix of College Graduates, Working Professionals, Freelancers and Entrepreneurs.

So, if you are a fresher who wants to make a career in Digital marketing, working professional who wants to boost his career even further or is looking for a promotion, individuals or housewives who are looking for a career as a freelancer or entrepreneurs who want to learn how to reach the right audience and showcase its products to them, this is the right course for you.

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