The Gaga guide to planning your content marketing (Part 1)

Vinay’s note – If you’re involved with content marketing, then you are probably acquainted with the feeling of being overwhelmed, as the number of things you’re supposed to do never seems to end. In this two part post (read part 2 here), you’ll discover how to tackle content marketing much like Lady Gaga – using […]

The Future of Content Marketing: It’s Not What You Think

Have you heard the saying, “content is king?” Well, of course, you have. But creating more content won’t necessarily get you more search traffic. You’ve heard people like me mention stats like the average piece of content that ranks on page one of Google contains 1,890 words. But that doesn’t mean writing in-depth content that is […]

How to Earn More Links and Social Shares: Insights From 759 Content Marketing Campaigns

Posted by kerryjones Is there a formula for wildly successful content marketing campaigns? It’s a question we ponder a lot at the Fractl office. We do have our own tried-and-true formula that we continually tweak based on our observations of what does and doesn’t succeed. To help us spot trends that shape this formula, we […]

GDPR – Let’s all calm down a bit, shall we? – SEO, Content Marketing & Website Design

GDPR is getting to be like Y2K preparations. It seems everyone is talking about it as if there will be Armageddon on the 25th May unless we all run around burning files and throwing hard drives off cliffs just in case the rozzers find someone’s email address on them. I was at a gin festival […]

The Digital Marketing Strategy of BJP

Political campaigns in India are no longer limited to traditional marketing medium. It has clearly entered the digital spectrum, and the impact of digital political campaigns are significant. It cannot be ignored anymore. That’s why in this article, I have outlined the digital marketing strategy of BJP. We have no affiliation with any political parties […]

How to Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing This Year

How to Get Your Boss to Invest More Money in Content Marketing This YearContent marketing has come a long way over the last 10 years. More and more companies have come to realize the tremendous return and savings from investing in inbound marketing like blogs, white papers, and video. Still, there’s a surprising number of […]