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Email Marketing Best Practices for 2018

We love to study marketing trends. We can’t get enough of data and statistics. Without meaning insult to our morning cups of coffee, getting to drive results for clients gets us out of bed each day. When it comes to email marketing, what does the most current data say you should be doing to drive engagement? We’ve listed the facts you need to know most below.

Tips from Email Marketing Statistics to Drive Your Campaign Success This Year

Call them by name

According to , emails which include the first name of the recipient in their subject line had higher clickthrough rates than those without.

Use Your Manners

Email Subject lines with the word “thank you” have above average engagement levels, according to Adestra.

The highest number of unsubscribes take place between 5 and 10 PM, in fact, take place at this time. Do you have a high unsubscribe rate? Make sure you’re sending out quality content in your emails!

Use, but Don’t Overuse Images

According to a survey from , there is a right amount of images to use in your emails. Images increase a viewers , so don’t leave them out. However, know that emails with 3 or fewer images received higher engagement rates than those with more images.

Just Say It

Content length matters in email marketing. found emails with 20 lines of text get the best clickthrough rates.

To Emoji, or Not to Emoji?

According to , emojis in your subject line are the key to higher open rates. Our suggestion – use them wisely and make sure they adhere to your brand.

Tuesday is Friday for Emails

The best day to send emails is Tuesday. And the most popular time on Tuesday is 10 AM, according to

Make Em’ Socialize

Putting social icons on your website can increase sharing of your content. The best place to put social sharing icons is up for debate, but we recommend placing them before your content as many readers won’t make it more than

Use Video

Simply using the word can increase your open rate by 19% and increase clickthrough rates by 65%! Videos are also great for sharing, so don’t forget to include social icons below your video content as well!

In email marketing content is incredibly important. For tips on creating reader-worthy material for your email marketing campaigns, chat with us today!

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