Ex-con Bikoy claims he worked for MLM firm VitaPlus which he says is front for illegal drugs

“Bikoy”, the hooded whistleblower who accused President Rodrigo Duterte, his family and his allies of taking drug payoffs, has surfaced and has remained firm on the allegations he made in the “Totoong Narcolist” video.

In a press conference at the Integrated Bar of the Philippines office in Ortigas, Peter Joemel Advincula, claimed to be a former marketing executive of First Vita Plus Legaspi Products Center , a multilevel marketing company based in Bicol and a member of the First Quadrant MLM group.


“Nuong Pebrero ng 2010, inilipat ako ng boss kong si Tess Ranola sa Operations Center ng sindikato bilang control man ng radio base at CCTV operations ng Underground Facilities sa Misibis Bay,” said Advincula. Misibis Bay management has denied Advincula’s claim as false there is no basement or control center for a drug lab in the resort) and it planned to file cyberlibel case against him.

Advincula claimed that he was transferred to the transmitting and facilitating team of the drug operations where he was tasked to prepare the “tara” or an internal document of the drug sindikato where the monthly allocations for its principals were listed He said this served as the basis of his video expose.

Two years after going into the drug business, he said he was charged with estafa for Vita Plus documents. “Nahatulan ako ng 6 taon napagkakakulong. Nung 2016 napalaya ako nang maaga for good behavior. Naisipan ko na magbagong buhay at nakahanap ako ng trabaho na legal at marangal,” he said.

He said he came forward to seek the IBP’s help in filing a case against

Duterte’s son Paolo Duterte, his son-in-law Mans Carpio, his formeraide Bong Go, and the entire Quadrant group in Bicol. Paolo, Carpio, Go and Ranol have vehemently denied Advincula’s charges.

First Vita Plus

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