Fast Growing Affiliate Marketing Forum: affLIFT Review

It’s been a while since I’ve done an affiliate marketing update, but today I’m excited to tell you about my new favourite affiliate marketing forum, affLIFT.

If you are an active affiliate or you are looking to learn affiliate marketing with much of spending then affiliate marketing forums are the best places to learn tips & tricks without having to spend huge on courses as well as trying out with various offers.

This post is for you if you are:

  • A struggling affiliate to make money with affiliate marketing.
  • A complete newbie looking to learn things fast without spending too much of money to test things out.
  • A pro and looking to share your knowledge base as well as keep yourself updated with latest trends or what other affiliates are doing. 
  • An affiliate manager looking out for potential affiliates to run your offers.
  • An affiliate network and looking to brand your affiliate network among the experts in the affiliate marketing.
  • A product owner who has tools and software meant for affiliates to make things easier for affiliates such as affiliate spy tools or stuff like that.

So coming back to the forum, affLIFT: I’ve spent some time in affLIFT and it’s pretty awesome. It was just launched in May, but the community is growing rapidly.

They have about 5,000 members including many names you’ll recognise if you’re a member of any of the other popular affiliate forums such as AffiliateFix or Stackthatmoney or Warriorforums . etc.

Luke Kling owns and leads the forum. He’s the Director of Marketing at PeerFly affiliate network and has been in the industry for a long time. He’s posting video lessons and already has a few hundreds threads in the forum.

Luke is one of the persons who are willing to extend a helping hand to affiliates who are struggling to make money with affiliate marketing. Luke also owns a great blog where I have studied a lot of stuff related to affiliate marketing. He shares his secrets as well as process to make money with affiliate offers.

The main sections of the forum is broken down by the various affiliate marketing methods.

PPV (Pay per View)

The most popular section of the forum is definitely the PPV section. The members are talking about and running many PPV affiliate campaigns on a bunch of different traffic sources.

They also have representatives from some of the top PPV traffic sources in the community helping members and providing support. This includes staff from ZeroPark, TONIC, and PropellerAds.


The search marketing section is the second most popular part of the forum. There’s a ton of discussion around using Bing Ads to promote affiliate offers.


Luke has a pretty large social media audience (he calls it his social media empire) and also seems to promote affiliate offers with Facebook Ads, which he’s discussed quite a bit.

Push Notifications

The push notification section of the forum was just added recently, but it’s already got some interesting discussions going.

affLIFT also has a live chatroom at the bottom which is really cool. You can talk to other members of the community right within the chat. There are members online all day and they’ve had some interesting discussions.

affLIFT Live Chat section

Is the AffLIFT Forum Paid?

The forum is a paid forum so it does cost money, but it’s cheap compared to most other “premium affiliate marketing forums” available such as Stackthatmoney or AffiliateFix. The membership is only $20/month and includes access to everything (no upsells). If you are really serious about making money then this cost is nothing as compared to the knowledge that you will receive from the experts.

They also offer a lifetime membership for $350, which if you calculate it, is about a year and a half of membership dues. If you plan on doing affiliate marketing for more than a year and a half, it’s a steal.

I highly recommend affLIFT. It’s a nice friendly community filled with other people to bounce ideas off of and get help.

Live Case Studies 

One of the best parts of the forum is that you will get to see lot of cases studies from the experts so can implement the stuff by studying such stuff very easily. Just have a look at one of the case studies by the forum member.

Take a look at what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

Note: This is to inform my blog readers that this post is an honest review of the forum which I have been a member of since last one month. This is a genuine and unbiased review and there is no monetary stuff involved here.

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