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Discover the Top 20 Network Marketing Trainers in the World

Who are the top 20 network marketing trainers? Well, it really depends on how you define “The Top 20…” As you might imagine, the truth can be a bit subjective.  For example…

Over 28 million people have read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Apparently it’s a great book about money. Which begs the question, does a keynote speaker at a MLM convention deserve a ranking simply because he or she is a New York Times best-selling author? It’s a fair question.

Here’s what we know for sure: Popularity is definitely one of the best ways to determine what’s going on in the marketplace. After all, it plays a part in the movies we see, the music we download, and sometimes even where we invest our money.

How Are the Top 20 MLM Trainers Decided?

So is “The Top 20…” just an online popularity contest? Not at all. To make a fair assessment we gave consideration to things that really don’t matter, like authoring a New York Times best-selling book. And to things that really do matter, like experience in the network marketing profession, how their peers and the public rated them, and whether or not they’ve ever built an MLM business!

In short, we wanted you to know the exact criteria we used in order to select, and then to rank, “The Top 20…” You may agree with our findings, or you may not; we welcome your thoughts and opinions either way. Here’s the Nexera Eight-Factor Formula we used to make our selections:

1)     The trainer must be a known, living, network marketing or MLM industry trainer.

2)      The trainer must offer network marketing specific books, CDs, and/or training.

3)     The trainer must have 10+ Years Experience (YE) in the network marketing profession.

4)      The trainer must receive a eview (PR) rating. The smaller the number the better.

5)      The trainer must acknowledge whether he or she has Built an MLM Business (BB).

6)     The trainer must receive a oting () rating. Between 0 – 100%, with 100% being best.

7)      The trainer must have a ank (). A scale of 0 – 10, with 10 being best.

8)     The trainer must have an ank (). Here the smaller the number the better.

The Top 20 MLM Trainers

The eight factors above are taken into account at the end of each year, and then a ranking decision is made. As of January 1, 2013, the Top 20 Network Marketing Trainers are:

Company YE   PR BB PV GPR      AR
   1. Randy Gage  26   4.33 Yes 48%   4      91,692
   2. Michael S. Clouse  27   2.66 Yes 21%   3    100,415
   3. Orrin Woodward  18   6.83 Yes   8%   3 2,463,635
   4. Tim Sales  20   7.50 Yes  3%   4    109,592
   5. Tom “Big Al” Schreiter  39   3.66 Yes  4%   3    118,332
   6. Jeff Olson  26   6.67 Yes  2%   2    959,219
   7. Todd Falcone  26   7.66 Yes  2%   3      82,383
8. Art Jonak  20   7.66 Yes  1%   3    548,523
   9. Doug Firebaugh  26   8.16 Yes  1%   3    468,844
10. Jordan Adler  15   9.00 Yes  2%   2 1,514,474
11. Mark Yarnell  25   9.83 Yes  1%   2 2,100,254
12. Richard Bliss Brooke  34   6.16 Yes  2%   2    907,768
13. Jerry Clark  24 10.16 Yes  0%   3    745,350
 14. Darren Hardy  22 12.50 Yes  1%   2 1,256,925
 15. Doris Wood  51 14.00 Yes  0%   3  1,150,636
 16. John David Mann  25 12.83 Yes  0%   3  2,719,515
17. Len Clements  20 13.00 Yes  1%   3    718,979
 18. Bob Burg  16 10.83 No  0%   4    262,815
 19. Michael Oliver  14 13.66 No  1%   3 1,233,684
 20. John Milton Fogg  21 12.33 No  0%   2 3,805,426

*One noteworthy point about this list: The only trainers considered for this list are U.S.A. based.

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