How I Made a Full-Time Income from the Internet (NOT an MLM)

I know that you hear “Wouldn’t you love to be your own boss?” and immediately think, RUN AWAY! (Like you should.) And most of the “work from home as a mom” opportunities posted online are sketchy at best.

But making money online is actually real and actually much easier than most people think. And it doesn’t require investing in some course or expensive supplies – you usually just need a laptop to get started. You also don’t need a degree, and you don’t need a ton of experience. And no, I don’t benefit at all from telling you this.

It’s just amazing to me how few people actually know this is a thing.

Wait, What is This?

It’s called freelancing or being a virtual assistant (VA). These are not brand new concepts, but they’re especially useful in a world of COVID.

It just means that you pick a skill or service, you offer it to businesses, and they pay you for it. You’re an independent contractor, NOT AN EMPLOYEE, so you can work for multiple businesses at a time. You don’t have a boss, but you work with a business owner or manager.

Basically, you assist businesses virtually. Get it? You can charge by the hour or by project – it’s up to you.

13+ Simple Things You Can Charge Money For

Now, again, I do not benefit from this, so I don’t even know what some of these skills and services are actually called – and there are many, MANY more options that aren’t included.

There are also many more options that require some more knowledge and expertise, like SEO content marketing (what I do), managing ads, website design, website development, and more.

It’s not that hard to make up to $1,000 per month by doing a simple task for a few hours a week. It’s a great option for stay-at-home moms or working moms who just want to earn some money at nighttime.

You can do this as a side hustle for some extra cash, or you can dig deeper and turn this into a business that earns you a full-time income and even six and multi-six figures. I don’t say that lightly – I’m doing it, and I know so many other women who are doing it.

BUT. That doesn’t happen without work.

Here’s How I Did It

In May 2019, I decided to try this “freelance writing” thing I had read about, but I barely understood what it was. I had interviewed for a few full-time job opportunities and just wasn’t thrilled with them, so I tried this – not even sure it would last a week.

But in 2020, I surpassed the salary of both of those job offers – while somehow still making just about every possible mistake I could make and spending MONTHS at home with my 2 and 4-year-olds. So I KNOW you can do it too.

4 Ways to Succeed in Less Time

Here are the things I’ve learned (the hard way).

1. Choose What You Love

If a few of the options on that list sound interesting, take on small projects doing each of them. Figure out what you enjoy doing the most and what you do the best. DON’T pick something that you don’t legitimately enjoy doing just because it could make you more money.

You can make money doing absolutely anything for clients. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true – so make sure it’s something you enjoy.

2. Pick ONE Specialty and Clientele

After you’ve narrowed down what you excel at, STICK TO IT. It will also really help you to pick one kind of business to work with – bloggers, service-providers, course creators, and even realtors will have different needs.

I spent over a year trying to swaying between two services for all types of businesses, and it wasted more energy and allowed me to make so much less money than I want to even think about.

3. Create a System

Clients LOVE when their VAs or freelancers already have an established system for getting the work done. You will also save an endless amount of time and energy if you establish a clear and simple process.

4. Set CLEAR Boundaries

Decide on your priorities. Even when you need to make money, you also need to cook dinner for your kids. It’s easier than you think to slide into a place where you’re constantly checking your e-mail instead of playing with your kids.

Helpful Resources

If you want more details on how to become a virtual assistant, you need the Free Mama. She has TONS of free resources.

If you’re interested specifically in writing, check out Successful Freelance Mom and join the Facebook group. I know this woman personally and she taught me almost everything I know.

Again – I don’t benefit from sharing these! There are SO MANY other great resources, but these are the two that I know personally and trust the most.

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