How To Attract The Very Best MLM Leads

Sick of prospects wasting your time?

Here’s how to attract the very best MLM leads and determine if they’re going to take action & crush it in your business.

Attracting The Very Best MLM Leads

It’s totally okay to go to someone who has a great job, great career, making lots of money, and tell them,“Hey, we can show you a way where you can start it part time and in two to five years, you may be able to make that job an option.”

See, no one says that.

Everyone says, “Make $10,000 in 30 days,” or some kind of hypey baloney that logical people don’t believe.

And the illogical, the people that are doing the spammy things in network marketing, they’re like, “Okey doke!” Because they’re looking for a lottery ticket.

But, (no offense) smart people don’t look for lottery tickets.

And I’ve had this happen, over the years, I’ve had people approach me with, “Hey man, this thing right here, you make a ton of money, you don’t have to do like hardly anything.” Even if it’s right, even if it’s true, I’m really NOT that interested.

I’m like what value does it add to the marketplace? Where does it fit into my vision? Does this make sense for me to veer my relentless focus over here and bring this thing in just for money? That’s it? That’s the value that I gain, money? What do I add? How do I contribute? How am I growing?

Tell It How It Is

Smart people don’t look for lottery tickets. But, if you’re presenting your deal that way, then you’re only going to attract scratch off seekers.

We don’t want scratch off seekers in the profession.

If I’m trying to educate scratch off seeker, it’s very hard. But you give me someone logical, someone that’s a professional, someone who wants to improve themselves, there is hope.

Don’t be afraid to say it’s going to take some work.

In the video below I share exactly what to say when someone says “Hey man, this income disclosure statement looks like only a real small percentage make the big money.”

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