How To Create Sales Today Without Discounting Your MLM Product

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Want to sell more today?

In this training I share exactly how to sell more without ever discounting your product or service.

How To Create Sales Today Without Discounting Your MLM Product

1. Alter Your Language

Alter your language to say, “I’m so happy and grateful I’m making sales without ever discounting.”

Does Prada keep its doors open because it keeps discounting? Or is Prada just such a brand that people are willing to pay full price for it? The better the brand, the less you have to discount.

If you are someone that is like, “Oh man, I got to get my fix of a sale today, man.” Then I would challenge your way of thinking.

I would say, “Hey, I don’t need to get a sale today, because the habits have led me to a brand that doesn’t get sales every single day.”

And, I would ask myself, “You know, okay, what can I do so that sales happen every single day, not just today?”

The pressure of time and the absence of patience, will cost you A LOT of money long term.

I see a lot of people going broke trying to get rich quick. I see a lot of people going broke trying to get sales today. My suggestion to you is have a mindset where you’re willing to go until.

2. Show Up UNTIL

Be willing to show up on a daily basis, every single day. Even if it takes nine years until you create success.

When you have a limit of time and a limit of patience, it usually costs you. And, it hurts you long term.

Reach out to people and say, “Hey, here’s the benefits of my deal, is this something you’d like to try out? Is this something that you’d like to purchase and start enjoying the benefits right now? No? Cool. Tell you what, I got to jump on this other call, but I’ll follow up with you in four days.”

And, keep reaching out to more and more people.

The addiction of getting a sale today will have you show up as eager beaver in the communication. If  you have a lack of patience and a lack of time, that’ll force you to discount. You’ll say, “Okay, well I’ll give it to you 50% off. Okay, I’ll wash your car. I’ll come over and give you dinner. What do I got to do? ”

Don’t be addicted to making sales today. Be addicted to building an absolute empire.

There’s a quote that I’ll throw at you, one of my favorite quotes in the world. Steve Martin says, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.”

By the way, no prospect, no customer, gives a rat’s behind about your sales quota. No prospect cares that you need a sale today.

You don’t have to discount. But you also shouldn’t require yourself to get a sale today. That’ll create an unnecessary eager beaverness in you, that’ll have you showing up desperate in conversations.

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