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How to do email marketing

Many businesses today are turning to email as a form of marketing. If you’re new to email marketing, it can all seem a bit confusing. Here’s eight tips to help you make the most out of any email marketing campaign.

1) Have an Easy Subscription Process

If you want to send email, you need an easy signup process. Make sure the signup is clearly displayed on your website. Make sure you don’t ask for too much information when trying to get subscribers. A name and an email are usually enough information to ask someone to give you. If the process is easy, you’ll get more subscribers. There should also be an easy unsubscribe option for those that no longer want the newsletter. Don’t hide this in small text, you want it to be an easy process.

2) Let them Know What You’re Sending

Let the subscriber know what to expect from you and how often you’ll be sending it. People don’t want to receive spam 24-7 so tell them what to expect. You can provide this on the signup form, so the subscriber knows what they’re receiving from you.

3) Send a Great Newsletter

Another tip for email marketing is to ensure your newsletter matches your brand. Use a template that matches your brand. For example, you should include your logo and the newsletter should match the theme of your website or blog. You want readers to be able to recognize that the newsletter is coming from your website so make sure things match up well.

4) Make it Easy to Digest

The newsletter should be easy to digest for the reader. You don’t want to ramble on with long articles. The reader should be able to skim the newsletter and click on topics that interest them. Try to break the newsletter into easy to read sections that make sense for the reader. Think of the newsletter as a summary you’re sending the reader, don’t make it into a book or you’ll lose subscribers fast.

5) Consider Using Influencers

One way to gain traction with your email marketing is to use email influencers. These individuals already have a good following and can help you launch a successful email campaign. They’re followers already have an interest in a business such as yours and will want to read the content.

6) Consider All Platforms

Make sure your email marketing campaign works on all platforms. Most people today use some form of mobile device, so your email newsletter should work and be readable on a mobile device. Check the newsletter to ensure that it works across all platforms.

7) Look at the Data

Stay on of your email marketing by analyzing the data. This will show you how effective or ineffective any given campaign was. If things are going wrong, you’ll be able to change your tactics by looking at the data. You can then base your next campaign on the data you collect.

8) Link to Social Accounts

In the email, you should provide links to your social media accounts, so individuals can track what you’re doing. You can also integrate social sharing in the email. You want the subscriber to be able to immediately send portions or all of the content to their social networks. For example, they might pin a photograph to Pinterest or share an article on Facebook. When you use social sharing, this can increase click through rates.


Email marketing can help you reach a broad audience if you go about it in the right way. Make sure people have an easy way to subscribe an unsubscribe to your newsletter. Consider using influencers as they can be a big asset to any campaign. If you take the time to create a great newsletter, you’ll keep the subscribers you have and gain new ones along the way.

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