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Does Your MLM Prospecting Rely Upon Your Ability to Use the Phone?

Is this you? You wake up ready to take on the day. You shower and dress in whatever makes you feel good, have some breakfast, and reassure yourself that today IS the day you’re going to do no-fear phone calls for mlm prospecting. You’re up for it, primed, even stoked… and then… the old… FEAR comes back!

You feel like a truck just hit you. The wind in your sails slackens.

You lose sight of your goal. And you’re lost.

Right behind the terror comes the overwhelming rush of negatives: the sudden upticks of your heartbeat; the whoosh and suffocating loss of breath combined with a demanding impulse to run away; the wish to crawl back into bed and pull up the covers, with your eyes tightly shut while you try to think positive thoughts, hoping the whole emotional package with somehow disappear.

“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.” — Jim Rohn

I’ve been there and done that. Though, in my earlier days it wasn’t about mlm prospecting phone calls, it was about defusing bombs. I really could have been killed!

Well, I’m still here, and the phone is still here too!

Good News: Phone Don’t Blow Up When You’re MLM Prospecting

Look, the telephone is not going to blow up on you. Your prospect isn’t going to do anything worse than maybe yelling at you or hanging up on you, if it comes to that. Phone calls are nothing more than a convenience for you to contact more people in less time at less cost.

For sure, if you never make the contacts, they will never even know you exist. If they’re a friend or a previous prospect, they will never know about your NEW opportunity or product — the one you thought so much of that you joined and started your business in the first place.

If you looked at your cold prospects like they were your old friends, would you want them to have what you have? Or, at least, the choice to decide?

So, why not tell them?

You know, if you look at it squarely, the answer to that question doesn’t really matter. I mean, you don’t have to go there, don’t have to answer that question.

A better question would be to ask yourself, “Why should I tell them?”

You see, the “should tell them” question opens the door to no-fear phone prospecting, because you will be busy planning your phone calls.

Listing down a number of reasons for making your calls, puts your attention on what you can doand off any fear.

“Plan Your Work and Then Work Your Plan”

That’s good advice. An old saw in sales.

If you can’t come up with a good number of reasons to call, may I suggest to you that you do not understand your opportunity or your product data well enough to do no-fear phone prospecting?

Your plan to call then becomes, first, a plan to learn more about your business.

Ask yourself, “What should I know about my products, my opportunity?” and “How can I tell that to someone else?” Write down your answers and keep them nearby for future reference.

shutterstock_134921948Practice Makes No-Fear Phoning for MLM Prospecting Possible

Practice telling someone your answers until you are comfortable that you do understand and can apply what you wish to say to someone else.  And this practice also gives you to opportunity to say all the wrong things and mess up as much as want with a person who doesn’t care. You’ll find that you’re pretty rough at first, but if you repeat it a few times, it smooths out and becomes very natural.  And you’ll feel your confidence soar.

Then pick up the phone — your soaring confidence will lead you — and you will be more comfortable making calls. You will find that each call puts you closer to a new customer or person in your downline.

You see, the fear comes from what you’re not certain of, not from anything else. You knock out the fear by knocking out the uncertainty, which is easy to do:

MLM Prospecting ToolsThat’s no-fear phone prospecting the simplest way I know how to do it. It’s the way we defused bombs: we trained as much of the uncertainty out of the equation as possible, before we stepped forward and did our work.

And I know you can do the same with our help. Tell me, what do you think of this?

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