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1. Increase desire by comparing your product to similar alternatives

You might think that a review doesn’t need to talk about any other products. After all, you’re reviewing this particular product, not the competition, right? Wrong. Today’s customers make more comparison-based decisions than ever. They read reviews, ask for recommendations on social media, and look at comments on the product before anything else.

2. Use clear CTAs to increase affiliate marketing revenue

It can be tempting to only place one call to action (CTA) on your page. Usually, people will put this at the bottom of the article. This way, after customers are done reading, they can click the link to buy.

3. Use a consistent rating system to engage readers

Which is a stronger recommendation?

4. Reach out to a broad audience using several different platforms

Most reviewers stick to one platform. Just blogging or just videos, for instance, or only using a social media channel. This can be a mistake. While it’s good to focus your efforts on one platform at first, you shouldn’t stay there. Once you get the hang of your initial platform, start branching out.

Say No To Boring Product Reviews

The bottom line is that your audience is tired of reviews that are a list of benefits. They want a review, not a product description, and you can give that to them. After all, they would just go to the product page if they wanted a product description.

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