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When Chris Terry decided to start a Forex education and software company, first named iMarkets Live and now under the brand Mastery IM Academy he tried to add a network marketing channel to take it to market.

He said he was fighting to keep his true purpose and message clean. When he saw issues, he called attorney Spener Reese to help him, stabilize the plan. He then tried to create a comp plan comp plan, to compete with other FOREX Education companies. Yet through all of that, he still couldn’t get beyond the hype from those in the field.

Today, the company has changed it’s name to Mastery IM Academy in hopes of leaving the last behind…

Today the company purposes close to 20,000 customers using Mastery IM Academy aka iMarkets Live software and education platform.

Chris Terry purports 7000 IBOs building are their own independent sales and marketing organizations.

Mastery IM Academy once known as iMarkets Live seems to be under gun as outside critics such as Truth In Advertising (TINA) aim their guns for Chris Terry and IM Academy’s direction.

Chris Terry added to the team Alex Morton, an Amazon best-selling author, and one of the most recognized Millennial leaders in direct selling to override the whole organization as a Chairman Elite.

Terry also brought on Ivan Tapia, like Morton to override the whole organization and help grow the company.

Mastery IM academy saw an average of over 3500 in attendance at their last conference in 2019, however, they had refused to pay the production company CAPA Productions and are now in some form of legal dispute.

We will keep an eye on IM Academy to see what other regulatory or legal actions we see.

FTC Disclaimer: iMarkets Live, aka IM Academy is a former client of Deep South Companies, Inc, the owner of this website.

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