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Thinking of starting a Smart Contract MLM like Million Money? Know, How to start MLM like Million Money with a Smart Contract based MLM Script – Million Money Clone Script

Million Money Clone Script

Million Money Clone Script is a Smart Contract based MLM website script which comes with existing features of Million Money with advanced features. Here, the Smart Contracts are built on Ethereum Blockchain, completely secure and decentralized.

Coding – Mean Stack (Full Stack JavaScript), Laravel

Database – MongoDB, MySQL

Highlights – Peer-to-Peer, Ethereum Blockchain

Smart Contract MLM Script is a Smart Contract based ready-made MLM Website Script operates on Ethereum Blockchain used to launch Smart Contract based MLM website. This ready to launch MLM Script is completely customizable, using which You can launch Smart Contract MLM platforms like Million.Money, Forsage, Etrix, Doubleway, EthereumsCash, etc…

We, BlockchainAppsDeveloper offer a completely debugged, tested, and verified Smart Contract MLM Script with customizable features. Using which, You can launch Smart Contract based MLM website in 3-5 days!

Before getting into detail, You have to know what exactly Million.Money is and How it works?

Million.Money – Overview

Million Money is a Smart Contract based MLM business platform that runs completely based on Ethereum smart contract blockchain. The website offers a risk-free way to earn 1500 ETH for every 100 days to the registered members.

How Million Money Functions?

Million Money is one of the best Multi-Level Marketing business platforms which is built with advanced technology, different from the traditional MLM business website and it is a completely decentralized and secured platform.

Here the smart contract is completely open-source, transparent, and runs on Ethereum Blockchain. The platform guarantees that there is no chance of hacking & here the money is not stored in the system, rather stored in highly-secured wallets.

As the platform is decentralized, there is no involvement of an administrator. There is no privilege to access the smart contract and so it is not possible to access & change the algorithms and data uploaded on Ethereum smart contract.

The Smart Contract based MLM continues to work until the Ethereum blockchain exists which adds the bit of trust among customers to work with the Million Money MLM plan.

Marketing Plan Of Million Money

Million Money follows a simple and more efficient marketing plan based on a Binary tree structure. Through which every user can earn a passive income in a transparent system.

Source – Million Money

Binary Matrix Plan

This plan is safest & easiest which paves the way to earn 1500 ETH to the users based on binary matrix 5 lines – In which 62 users are connected in a team (tree) and undergo 2 cycles. Users can repeat this earning for every 100 days. 

To participate in this plan users are required to pay an entrance cost 0.03 ETH (about 5$).

For every level, users have to undergo 2 cycles with the same structure for 100 days. The level gets upgraded every 100 days after successfully completing 2 cycles.

Million Money Profit Table

Source – Million Money

Highlighting Features Of Million Money

1. The fastest, easiest, and risk-free way to earn ETH.

2. Decentralized platform – No administrator involvement.

3. Highly-secured Ethereum Blockchain Smart Contract.

4. Members can view the life cycles and levels.

5. Un-hackable platform & money are stored in wallets.

Is It Possible To Start Smart Contract MLM Like Million Money?

Yes, it is possible to start a smart contract MLM like Million Money! The cryptocurrency industry has experienced an incredible spike due to the recent bitcoin price hike. This paved the way for investors to invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, etc… and also gives a lot of opportunities for savvy business people to start a Smart Contract based Cryptocurrency MLM business.

Why Starting Smart Contract MLM Business Is Beneficial Than Traditional MLM Business?

Traditional Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) has some serious problems which make it less trust-able and here are some cons to take in consideration:

Cons of Traditional MLM Business

To overcome these problems, Smart Contract based MLM emerged. 

Smart Contract Based Cryptocurrency MLM Business

Smart Contract based Cryptocurrency MLM business is a virtual contract based MLM business where the MLM platform is built using various blockchain platforms like Ethereum, TRON, Hyperledger, EOS, Tezos, etc.. It is completely a decentralized and transparent platform for Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) of Cryptocurrencies.

Benefits Of Smart Contract Based Crypto MLM Business

Better result of investment

High income in a short span

How To Start A Smart Contract Based MLM Like Million Money?

To start a Smart Contract based MLM like Million Money, one should need expert consultation and necessary development support. Another most effective way is a Million Money Clone Script which allows customization as per the user requirements. 

We, BlockchainAppsDevelopers offer an advanced Million Money Clone Script with advanced features.

Million Money MLM Clone Script

Million Money MLM Clone Script is a Smart Contract based MLM website script which comes with 100% bug-free source code, API, plugins, built with advanced programming language and database. Our Million Money Clone Script is completely a white-label solution, users can customize the site as per their requirements.

Coding Language – MEAN Stack (Full Stack JavaScript), Laravel (PHP)

Database – MongoDB, MySQL

Highlights – Smart Contracts built on Ethereum Blockchain.

Million Money Script comes with existing features of Million Money with advanced upgraded features. 

Features Of Million Money Clone Script

1. Completely Ethereum based Smart contract.

2. Multi-cryptocurrency & tokens support.

3. Smart contracts & algorithms can’t be changed.

4. MLM member levels & cycles can be viewed

5. Capable of handling 10 million users at a time.

6. Built with advanced technology

7. Completely decentralized platform

8. 100% bug-free source code

9. MLM plan continues to work until Blockchain exists

10. Continuous version up-gradation to implement new ideas

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Why Choose Us For Smart Contract Based MLM Development Like Million Money?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper – Leading Smart Contract based MLM Development Company having certified developers excelled in smart contract and blockchain development providing services all over the world. Here are some undeniable reason for choosing us for your Smart Contract based MLM website development:

 – Most-trusted Smart Contract Development Company

 – Certified Smart Contract developers

 – 50+ successful smart contract-based products launched

 – Smart Contract development in various Blockchain platforms

 – 24×7 support for effective customer relationship management

 – 100% unhackable Smart Contract based MLM platform

 – Specialized Smart contract developers in Ethereum Blockchain to develop MLM platforms like Million Money, Forsage, Etrix,, etc…

– We build & delivers Smart Contract MLM websites in a week

 FAQ – Million Money Clone Software

1. What is Million Money?

Million Money – Million Money is an MLM business that operates with the Smart Contracts based MLM Clone script (like Million Money Clone) with the advanced features included in it. Smart Contracts are built on the top of the Ethereum Blockchain, which makes it a completely secure & decentralized one.

2. How To Start Smart Contract MLM Like Million Money?

To start a Smart Contract MLM like Million Money, you need an expert consultation & proper MLM development support. Next, you can purchase a Million Money clone script, and customizations can be done based on your Cryptocurrency MLM ideas. At Blockchainappsdeveloper, you can purchase a Million Money clone script & Million Money Clone Software with upgraded features in it.

3. Where can I get a Million Money Clone Software?

At Blockchainappsdeveloper, you can get a ready-made Million Money Clone Script with existing and advanced features. Claim a free demo before purchasing it.

4. How soon can I launch my white label MLM platform like Million Money?

Our experts at BlockchainAppsDeveloper, helps you to launch your white label smart contract based MLM platform like Million Money in just 48 hours!

5. Who Manages the Smart Contract MLM Platform like Million Money?

Self-executing trades carry out the transaction in the Million Money platform, which means no one is allowed to interfere in the transaction.

6. Why should I choose a white label solution to launch a smart contract based MLM platform like Million Money?

In White label, Million Money MLM Clone Script customizations can be done as per the requirements of your business & since it is a ready-made Million Money Clone Business solutions, it can be easily deployed & launched to the world. 

7. Why should I choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper for smart contract based MLM software like Million Money Clone development?

We are expertise in developing secured smart contracts to clients across the globe. Developers of the smart contracts & blockchain technology offer advanced solutions by classifying your business requirements for your Mlm website/platform like Million Money.

WhatsApp | Telegram | Skype | Mail | Call Us (OR) Fill out the below form to connect with our experts.

Disclaimer: We use the term “Million Money” for readers to quick understanding purposes only. Our services are not meant to influence any entity

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