MLM Leadership: How To Get Your Teammates To Focus On Just One Company

Do you have teammates in more than one mlm?

Here’s my suggestions for keeping your teammates happy and focused on building your mlm ONLY.

MLM Leadership: How To Get Your Teammates To Focus On Just One Company

My answer is probably not what you thought…

My answer is make your culture and environment so good that being a part of any other culture and environment is just nonsense.

How did I get my beautiful, smart, amazing wife to focus in on just me? How did I do that?

Did I say, “You know, you really should focus on me. You really should.”

NO. I just treated her like a queen. I treated her very well, gave gifts, service, back rubs, compliments, flowers, from time to time, right? Taking good care.

One, I wouldn’t invest any time worrying about someone being in multiple companies.

I would invest all my time in making my environment awesome and choosing to invest my time with those that want to make it happen.

For those in more than one company, would I still love them? Sure. I’d hug on them, squeeze them, take selfies with them, high five them.

I wouldn’t do any of those different things, okay?

I would just have a culture that’s amazing and powerful and something that when they go to check in to their other thing, they’re like, “Man, it’s dead over here.” Or, “Man, it’s not nearly as cool over here, they don’t do as many contests, much acknowledgement, love. They’re not on as big of mission.”

I would work on my culture infinitely more than I would worry about one individual or multiple individuals that are in multiple deals.

Problem With More Than One MLM

Know that as far as the business aspect of it, there really isn’t anyone that really truly crushes it in more than one MLM at a time.

If your goals are, “Hey, I want to make a couple hundred bucks a month,” then it kind of doesn’t matter if you’re in more than one company because it’s just not a very big goal.

But if you’re like, “I want to make $100,000 a year, $1,000,000 a year, $100,000 a month,” joining more than one company is NOT going to do it.

If you make the environment amazing and the culture awesome and rewarding and loving and acknowledgement and recognition, if you make it awesome it’s going t be harder for them to go astray.

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