MLM Leadership: Motivating Teammates Who Compare Themselves To Others

mlm leadershipHow do you motivate people on your team who continuously compare themselves to others?

IF you want to see your teammates have success, this will post will help you get them excited and taking action.

Improving Your MLM Leadership By Motivating Teammates Who Compare Themselves To Others

There’s a couple of things that you can improve in your leadership skills that WILL help your teammates stop comparing and start taking steps in the right direction.

First, The Stories You Share

When we were actively building a networking marketing team, my LEAST favorite thing to share was fast success. Now, I’m not saying I wouldn’t. If someone came into the team, and whammo, recruited 18 people in 45 minutes, I’ve got to share it. Right? But that actually isn’t the testimonial that I like the most.

My favorite testimonial was slow success.

I loved finding examples of people who had been on the team for a year, maybe even two years, and finally got their first recruit. I would highlight them, interview them, ask them how it felt. Because to that person, it felt like a million bucks. And, others could relate to not having success right away.

One of my favorite success stories:

We have all kinds of crazy testimonials from our coaching and training. We have people that hit 6 figures, 7 figures. We’ve had people just totally crush it. But, I’ll tell you one of my favorite testimonials of all time is Eric Newman. Eric was in network marketing for 18 YEARS. He went through one of our programs, and had his first thousand dollar month. I’m just so impressed with that. And, it’s just so cool that Eric hung around. Since then, I know that different things in his life have opened up, and he’s living a better life than he was.

If all you do in your team is highlight those who have fast success, then you’re going to dictate that feeling of failure.

Secondly, Your Team Culture

A lot of it actually is your team culture.

You have to constantly be thinking about the person out there that doesn’t have results yet and that is comparing themselves to others. And you’ve got to help them out. The name of the game is keeping. Keeping your people around the campfire, getting them to show up at events, and getting them to show up in their business.

In the video below I share more on how to keep your team culture strong and keep your team in the game.

Hopefully that helps you out. Some simple changes and you WILL see a huge difference for your team.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your team.

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