MLM moms too pushy • Shoutout Edmonton

I am pissed. These MLM moms will do anything to push their crap even on unsuspecting children.

What happened is my son’s school has Santa’s Workshop. I didn’t know what it is as my son is in kindergarten so first time for things. Apparently parents donate things. Then on friday Dec 21 they lay out all donated items in the gym and we send money with our kids where they “buy” these items, wrap them and bring home gifts for family member.

I expressed my issue with it to the school. I don’t have much to donate. But in the end, my son will be bringing money to buy something that was free (donated)? And not cheap, they say items $1 and up each? And I can’t afford to buy stuff to donate, I am a single mom.

So they said I can have my son not participate. I can keep him home (not a choice as I work and have no child care). Or he can be at the office while his classmates have fun (not fair).

Today imagine my surprise to find out my son participated. I said I did not donate anything and they said another mom heard me and donated extra items for me. I opened them and – surprise they were Avon stuff.

I am very against MLM businesses. I believe they are corrupt and it is what’s wrong with our economy, they prey on people. Now I am stuck with this crap in my home. I can’t donate it without my son seeing I give away his gifts.

I tried to confront the mom. But the school would not tell me her information. I found out from another parent who it is.

Some woman named [Admin: Named Removed]. I don’t know why you chose this side hustle. Maybe you can’t pass high school and get a normal job. I heard that you are handicapped and do this for a living and that is bull. Nobody would do this, it doesn’t pay. So stop pushing your products on others and get a real job.

You think you do me a favour? My son goes to a nice school in west end nice area because I want to give him a good life. I don’t want him to be forced to be around people like you. Corrupt lifestyle choices. You have no right to push your crap MLM overpriced products on my family and making us stuck with them and you think you did something nice?

You need to apologize and take these back. Please contact the school to get my address and number. And stop using every excuse to push your crappy products on people. You donate them hoping we buy? I am never buying avon or any other MLM crap.

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