MLM Motivation Tips: How To Overcome Hard Times

People rarely have business problems, they have personal problems that show up in their business…that’s something I’ve found to be true…think about it for a minute…

Today I want to share some MLM Motivation Tips that provide an alternative approach to your thinking, when times are tough and you simply don’t feel like doing the work inside your home business that you know needs to be done.

(There’s a video version at the bottom of the post if prefer that over text)

MLM Motivation Tips: Bouncing Back

Have you seen the latest Rocky movie?

There’s a clip in there where Rocky says “It ain’t about how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”

That’s certainly true in home business.

In the beginning there’s plenty of hard work, rejection, negativity, doubt and usually financial worries for you to carry…all without reward.

If you take a day to bounce back from every no, you won’t make it.

Do your best to detach yourself from people’s decisions…you are simply a decision collector!

Like a waiter asking “Who wants desert?” Some will, some won’t, he doesn’t care.  Stop making everything so personal and simply focus on improving what ou can control…your numbers &strategy.

Where’s Your Head At?

Why did they say no?

Why am I so bad at this?

I need to make a sale fast?

Your brain will look to find the answers to these questions…and guess what?

The answers will not help you at all!

MLM Motivation TipsDo your best to start catching yourself inside your own head.  Listen to what your voice is asking or telling you.

With practice you can start to switch (a constant effort at first) to solution finding questions such as…

What would help them say yes?

How can I improve?

What would give me the best chance to make a sale?

See the difference?  Your brain and mood does.

Play A Bigger Game

I go into this in more detail (and passion) in the video below.

Do you realise there are people you haven’t even met yet that IF you stay on track and create success…you’ll inspire them to become far greater than they are.

Sounds heavy, but it’s absolutely true.

mlm motivation tips
Who’s wathing you and who will you inspire?

There are people struggling with the same challenges you are facing or have faced yet they lack your strength to overcome them.

Are you going to waste that opportunity or are you going to fight to command the reach and influence your success will allow you to have?

At the end of it all, how and who you influenced will be the only things that outlive you.

Get it done!

Video: Bonus Motivation Network Marketing Message

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