MLM Online Tips That Won’t Cripple Your Downline

Here are my MLM online tips for growing your downline.

Building an online MLM business is not an easy feat. It’s not an easy thing to do. When I started online I didn’t find success until my fifth company, but it literally had nothing to do with this. I’m just telling you that to give you some hope in case you’ve been in multiple mlm companies.

I didn’t start looking online until, at the very end of my very first company, when I was finding that after my warm market list was exhausted, I didn’t know how to generate leads.

I didn’t know what to do.

And so I started hunting around on Google and I started running into people who were blogging and doing things online that looked really interesting.

MLM Experts

Ultimately I reached out to an MLM expert by the name of Ty Tribble who I started to model my initial efforts after.

I don’t know if he’s still builds a company or not or what he’s up to these days because I’ve kind of lost track of him. But he had an MLM blog at the time, and it was very impressive. The article he wrote was something along the lines of Building an Online MLM Business, like I’m talking about right now.

I reached out to him and because he was a subject matter expert in building an MLM online, obviously it attracted me to it. I started looking at it and thinking, “Man, there’s, there’s a way to do this online. People are doing this online.”

Now, I came to learn quite a few things about that in my progression as I got started. But it wasn’t easy. And I’ll tell you right now, if you want your team to grow fast, then telling them to build an online MLM business is the last thing you should do out of the gate.

MLM Online Tips and What Not To Do

In fact, if you want them to grow slow and not do anything, then tell them to build an online MLM business. You’re guaranteed to make the build slow. Because I’ll tell you right now, it took me six months before I even generated a lead online.

And that was because primarily I was trying to figure it out on my own. But even if I wasn’t, I still think it would have taken me at least 30 days to get things in place, get a sales funnel built, generate phone leads, etc.

And then learning how to drive, or finding somebody to drive paid advertising to that funnel to generate those leads. So it’s still a slow process because there’s front end work to do to set it up.

If you want people to grow fast and the people you run into are not internet marketers don’t do that to them.

And in fact if you have training available to teach them how to do that, I would not make it available out of the gate to them.

You need to set some things in place to make sure people learn the fundamental skill sets before they start going down that road.

And they definitely need to learn how to contact the people they know correctly and at least expose the business to those people.

So if you have MLM online training programs or whatever it is, I would lock that content or hide it or whatever, until they’re ready for it. Because remember, not everybody is ready for every bit of network marketing training that you want to give them.

You may think they’re ready but they’re not. And there’s a lot of prerequisites and things that you should probably do on the front end before you expose them to those things.

Building an MLM Business Online

Now building an MLM business online is a lot of fun once you learn how to do it. It took me months to learn blogging, but once I learned how to blog, generating leads became extremely, super simple.

In fact, my sales pipeline was always full, and once my blog had a decent amount of content

So definitely a good way to go eventually. But in the beginning of building an online MLM businesses isn’t the way to go for your new people. So teach them the fundamentals, then progressively moved them up the ladder to more advanced training techniques. And there’s a way to do that and you can kind of figure it out.

All a person needs to learn is one lead generation method to be successful. They don’t need to learn blogging, they don’t need to learn paid advertising. They can learn one technique, it can be an offline technique, it can be an online technique. Preferably it’s a technique they can implement within the first week. Your goal should be to help them generate leads as soon as possible.

So that is what my recommendation would be in terms of getting a person to build their MLM online. And then from there you can move forward with helping them to close.

Then it’s just a matter of scaling up.

MLM Online Tips and The Bottom Line

The bottom line is you should always follow the fundamentals first. Here are the key takeaways for these MLM online tips as you go forward and build your organization.

MLM Online Tip #1: Always teach the fundamentals first in network marketing. Contacting, Inviting, Following Up, Handling Questions and Objections, Closing and Enrolling, and Training.

MLM Online Tip #2: Ensure your new distributor makes a list of people they know and you are able to invite that list prior to teaching them online marketing. Taprooting is key to fast growth.

MLM Online Tip #3: Once you finish MLM online tips #1 and #2, pick one lead generation strategy and have them stick to it. Otherwise you will overwhelm your new distributor and a confused mind does NOTHING.

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