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Multi Level Marketing “MLM”

Multi Level Marketing or “MLM” … everybody’s ticket out of drudgery

Or, “Why I Can’t Sell You MLM Crap”

What is MLM?

MLM or Multi Level Marketing, it’s the nicer term for a pyramid scheme.  It goes by many names like “referral marketing” and “network marketing.”  You hear the sellers referred to as “consultants” “distributors” and “promoters.”

There seems to be a multi level marketing scheme for just about everyone.  In my area, it’s all about LulaRoe and It Works.  I’ve never bought anything from any of these myself.

I’m totally no expert.  In most though, it seems the seller purchases the products and then independently promotes it trying to sell it.  There are also catalog based sales.  Think tupperware and pampered chef.

As is typical, some report great earnings.  Most, not so much for the amount of work they put in to it.

For me, as a pharmacist, if I really wanted to get out of my business, this seems like it would be my big ticket item.

Especially with a blog, I’m in a prime position to take off on the MLM rocket.

Boost MLM sales with your professional degree

There are so many supplement companies, “eco friendly” products, cosmetics/skin care, essential oils, etc.  And people trust you when you’ve got “Dr.” in your title.

I see lots of professionals trying to branch out and escape unhappy or stressful jobs by promoting these.  Some are just trying to boost their income.  Many seem to be fairly successful in it especially if they can keep on it (isn’t that the case with anything though?).

Backup…I’m not backing this approach!

Ok, first, let me clarify, I’m not completely saying I would never get involved with any of these.  If I found a product I could really stand behind I might just do it.

And I’m torn, because I want to be supportive of people finding ways to make money.

And, I’ll probably put off some people here by saying I don’t dig this approach.

  1. I don’t buy any of these products.
  2. I advocate for buying less stuff.
  3. Almost all of these things most people could totally live without.
  4. I find it a bit predatory using your degree to make consumer products like cosmetics and essential oils sound like good products to buy.

Why not?

It’s kind of like the problem I have with medical professionals backing homeopathic products.  THERE IS NOT VALID RESEARCH TO BACK IT UP.  I find medical professionals who do promote homeopathic products to be no better than the snake oil salesmen of old.

Granted, selling cosmetics and sponges from Norway isn’t the same thing.  Many people do buy these things anyway.  But should medical professionals really be using their degrees to boost sales of general consumer products?  I suppose if all you do is say why you like the product it’s fine.  Doctors and nurses buy cosmetics and sponges too.  I feel if you’re going to sell these products, go ahead, but, perhaps you should keep your background as a medical professional out of the sales pitch.

I don’t know.  I’m just really torn on the ethics of this.  What’s your take?

I know I won’t be doing it any time soon.

Plus, these sales require a lot more social interaction and effort than this introvert wants to be involved with.

Seriously, what’s your take?  Or maybe, help convince me this secondary income stream isn’t a moral/ethical conflict.  Sell me on why I should sell.

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