A short-list of (65+) content marketing tools for 2016

Whether you’re creating it, consuming it or curating it, content is hot business. With an estimated 27,000,000 ( source ) pieces of content shared every day it is pretty likely you’re struggling to keep up with either, the flow of links channeled through your social feeds, or the channels available to get your content to […]

Kirsten Dunst Is A Multi-Level Marketing Scheme Queen In New Series Trailer

Kirsten Dunst, like many people on my Facebook feed, wants you to hear about her new super-exciting entrepreneurship opportunity—she’s definitely not going to mention it’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme though. In On Becoming A God in Central Florida, Dunst is Krystal Stubbs, a woman working her way up an MLM. “You might think some […]

Content Marketing for SEO: 25 Proven Angles That Still Attract Links | Detailed.com

In October of 2017 I set out to start building my own private backlink database. It was always intended to stay private – I don’t have the budget or desire to compete with what’s already out there – and created with my own research purposes in mind. For instance, I wanted to know what the […]

6 Best Practices For Affiliate Marketing | ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Blog

This is a contributed post by Spencer Meacham, a successful affiliate marketer and ActiveCampaign contributor. Have you ever wondered why you are able to get access to so much free stuff on the web? You can get access to: This is in large part because a vast army of affiliate marketers are out there providing […]

What is Beachbody Coaching? A Former Coach Explains Multi-Level Marketing And Why You Should Avoid It

 The following is an interview with Melissa Blevins. She offers practical money tips to the free-spirited nerd. Mellissa is also a former Beachbody coach, and her posts and Youtube videos on the subject have blown up on social media.As part of Side Hustle Week, I thought her experience may resonate with, or even caution, some […]