Pajama Affiliates Affiliate Marketing Masterclass

The Best Amazon Affiliate Training Course!

Learn SEO strategies and monetazation techniques that you can apply to your blog today!

So much has happened in the last year since I first recorded the original Masterclass that it was time for a Masterclass 2.0!

I’m calling this the Masterclass Remastered because in the last year I’ve been able to TRIPLE my income since last year with a few tweaks to the already awesome techniques I was using.

The Masterclass Just Got Better!

Learn how I make over $100,000 a year leveraging one of the world’s largest affiliate programs!

That’s no joke, I’ve made almost $100,000 this year already!

I’m in one of the MOST COMPETITIVE niches and I’m making my own small fortune from a TV tray in the corner of my living room.

AFFILIATE MARKETING MASTERCLASSI will go behind the scenes of my blog and show you my techniques for making money online with my blog.

This is an over-the-shoulder look at how I find keywords, optimize my blog posts and use affiliate links that convert sales!

There’s ALL NEW videos in this Amazon affiliate training course geared at showing bloggers how to use affiliate marketing programs to their advantage. I dive into the meat and potatoes of how I blog, covering things like..

This Class Has FAST TRACKED EARNINGS of Countless Bloggers!

We’re diving right into the meat and potatoes of this dish with..

My Cool “Yoast Trick”

Writing Techniques that Relate to Readers…and so much more!

Take Your Blog to the Next Level!

My goal is to show you how I blog so you can take these strategies and apply them to your own blog.

I will show you how I effectively place my keywords and affiliate links so that I can drive more targeted traffic and convert sales.

I’ve been able to TRIPLE my income from last year by repeating what works and implementing a few new tweaks along the way that I want to show you in these remastered videos..

This is an all new Masterclass with updated techniques and special bonus footage that is all geared at taking your blogging to the next level.

If you have our Beginners Blogging Course, following up with the Masterclass is the next best course. You can apply these blogging strategies to your niche.

This is not just about product reviews!  

I’ve teamed up with Robin Cockrell this time around and she’s going to dive into the meat of potatoes of keyword research.

What’s the Difference Between This and The Original?

While a lot of the groundwork is the same, there are some new conversion techniques and SEO strategies I’ve learned along the way that I just have to update this course!!

I’ve more than doubled my traffic and tripled my income and learned some things along the way that I feel is vital to share with our Pajama Affiliates! 


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