Increase Website Traffic With Safelists Effectively

SafeList Will Increase Website Traffic With A Little Effort

What is a safe list it is a public email mailing list, where members sign up to email other members in the mailing list. The difference is this mailing list is a membership site,where you must sign up to use the mailing list. A safelist is a type of email membership website that is used by marketers to swap marketing emails with each other.

It works on a credit point based system. Every email you read, you earn credits or points for reading and every email you send costs you a given number of credits/points. The more credits/points you have the more people receive your email. Most of these memberships have both free and paid member levels, making them great for increasing website traffic sources for new, or old marketers.

You can easily get your email campaigns to hundreds, even ten of thousands of active Safelist members daily. Most of safe lists are free to join and when using them you never need to worry about spamming other safelist members because safe list members must opt-in to receive email advertisements.

Using Safe lists on a regular daily basis can get your advertisements in front of thousands of prospects each week and hundreds of thousands of interested prospects each month. You must be there when these prospects are ready to join a new venture.

At very minimum you need two email addresses, only to be used for your safelists. A contact email address and a list email address. Then you want one email JUST for business. Many safelist owners recommend gmail for a reason.

Contact Email:
which will receive automated welcome email, normally containing the member’s username, password and other information about the safelist. You will also receive a bunch safelist Solo Ads in your Contact email which are paid member advertisements that reward huge bonus credits.

Become Your Own Idealist
Become Your Own Idealist

So what is email marketing exactly? It is in fact exactly what the name suggests. Marketing done through email. This can be the marketing of anything from a product to a service. There is nothing to stop you from marketing anything you want through email. It is also good to know that this form of marketing is actually the cheapest option as it can be worked from your computer.

Safelist is basically the same as an email marketing, but the active members of the safelist all have the ability to mail to you as a member. You need to generate credits by viewing the ads of other people and only then you will be allowed to promote your offer. The method is time consuming and quite boring, but it’s a free way to increase website traffic and you can get a lot of subscribers, when you put in the time.

This technique allows you to send promotional email to other members on the list without having to get accused of spamming. The trcik is to join as many safelists as you can handle. By handle I mean how much can you get done in your allotted time. To many safelists will cause you to fail and quit. The more safelists you WORK, the more you can increase free website traffic to your affiliate site or your blog.

Well the truth….
The more people that receive your email, the more likely someone is going to be interested in your offer. So rather than trying to directly sell to people, instead you want to try to get them on your mailing list, where you can then try to sell them again and again.

With an autoresponder, you can deliver email courses or sales messages. You can send reminders and some autoresponders can assist you to build your list. When you think of it for a minute, you can most likely come up with a lot of concepts ways to utilize your autoresponder to create even more sales en to build relations with your consumers. A little imagination on your side, creates limitless possibilities.

All credit based safe list work. What I mean by works, people will open the email, if you fail to get an opt in that is on you not the safe list.

Here’s how it works. Every day I submit my ads to 120+ safelists and viral list builders (or to as many as I can submit to on any given day). I am promoting a series of lead capture pages that will create my very own list.  I do have an upgraded memberships at best of the safelists and viral list builders that I use which usually allows me to send my ads to more people and more often.

I also spend two hours a day every day reading emails to earn enough credits to send my ads to the maximum number of people.  Your results may vary.
That should tell you that one of the keys to success with safelists and viral list builders is consistency!

Sending the occasional ad to one or two safelists every few days isn’t enough.  You need to make your advertising part of your daily routine to keep your ads in front of as many people as possible for as long as possible.  Yes, it takes a lot of effort but the results are well worth it.

Building a real business does cost money whether it’s online or off. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise. It takes money to make money and if it doesn’t take money than it will cost you your time which is just as valuable. Safelists are great because they will allow you the flexibility to either upgrade or stay as a free member. I suggest upgrading to the highest level of at least a couple of the top safelists because it will save you both time and money in the long run when you begin to promote your offers.

Building a new list from scratch helps to keep the time you spend directed towards the right targeted customers. Targeting the wrong customers will not help you and a clean list can get you to more of the right customers much faster.

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