My Favorite List Building Tools.


In my humble opinion names are not sign ups until they become people. BUILDING A SOLID RELATIONSHIP TURNS THESE NAMES INTO REAL PEOPLE, THOSE PEOPLE TURN INTO CLIENTS, CUSTOMERS WHO WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT YOU CAN DO TO HELP THEM BUILD THEIR OWN SOLID BUSINESS. A customer is what makes a situation where I become their personal assistant. Not until they become a customer do I consider a sign-up that counts.

make one hundred dollars per saleWhen using free website traffic promoting some free to join program, or giving something away, and expecting to make money is like paddling up a river without a paddle. So why do so many so called gurus do that. I really do not know. I am thinking they make better sales letters than Most people have the capabilities to do.

Maybe they get other people to promote for them. All I know is once I changed the “FREE” way of presenting my material I started to make extra money for my efforts. So what “ONE” step did I change that now when I look back on and started to laugh.

I STOPPED promoting for them!

That is right I STOPPED promoting for them. Sorry! That needed to be repeated. πŸ™‚

I found that people do not join because of the opportunity. Nor do people join people. People join people that have the most to offer THEM. So in order to let people know what you can do for them you need to take that free traffic to a page that gives you the opportunity to explain what you can do that nobody else will.

Simple enough. Right?

Maybe to some not so to others.

My idea of the Keep It Super Simple Income Group is two fold:

1. Connect those that can with those that can not.

2. Give people everything they need to get started. I mean everything!

Splash page.

serious about making moneyFollow up emails to load in auto-responder. Look over your shoulder instructions. Must have Skype and a mic to accomplish this. Giving you the expertise to grow your business to the level you need to be at. One of our Keep It Super Simple Group members will have the knowledge to get the job done the way you need it to be.

The following should demonstrate why Global NPN has more to offer you for less:

As a Top Level member!

Included in the global NPN gold Products:

Ad Tracker
URL Rotator
Basic Page Creator
Instant Blog
Profile Page
Basic Training
Leads Manager
PLR Downloads
β€œFlex” Team Builder
cPanel Hosting
Web Audio NOW
Video Hosting +
NPN Architect Page/Funnel Builder
Mastery Training
Webinar Replays
Monthly Downloads

With GLOBAL NPN you can grow as you become more advanced with inter net marketing. There TRULY is something for every level of marketer.

Best autoresponderThen when we can recommend the traffic source that we already know you are using. Most likely it is what brought you to this page. Safe Lists and or Traffic Exchange programs. Believe it or not anybody that can follow and stick to our system, all will succeed.

Our first priority is give you the option to make a profit from everything we do first. Then a person can take these tools in ANY direction you as an individual would like to take it. Or just keep making a business out of these tools. It will totally be up to you.

All the above and so much more will not cost you a single extra penny.Β We know what it means to be a GREAT SPONSOR!


OK! Enough about what we do for our KISS Income Group Members.

What is expected of people that may be interested in joining us?

First and foremost you MUST be serious about making money. Do not waste our time if you think you do not have the time to build a serious income. Or if you are the type that will “TRY IT” for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. You have to be willing to “focus” on one thing and one thing only. Kinda like a factory job. Part time or full time.

Treat it like a job or just like a job you will be fired ending the paycheck. πŸ™‚

You must be willing to ask for help. We can not read minds.

Sound fair enough?

Ready to get started?

Take a good look at:

Global NPN
NPN has the tools we have the training

Next Take Look At Our Safe-list Tool Recommendation

Safe lists are an excellant free instant traffic source. If you are not making any money then you are doing one of two major mistakes. You are not using them to build a list or you are not mailing at a constant rate. Safe List Genie fully supports the top 100+ safelists at this time. I will explain this in more detail with anyone that joins from the following: Just click on the image.

Safe List Genie
Safe List Genie The Only Effective Mailer Management System On The Net

For the absolute beginner we have Viral Traffic Buffet The training site for team leaders to build a team without spending time training.

track my conversionstrack my conversions

4 Replies to “My Favorite List Building Tools.”
  • Harvey Akeson
    August 3, 2015 at 8:24 am

    Is selling or building a relationship more important?
    It is more cost effective to retain customers than to acquire them.
    Time to build plan of customer retention.
    You worked hard for those leads in time and money, make the most of them.

    • admin • Post Author •
      August 3, 2015 at 4:38 pm

      Harvey, What you are saying is only true in a small part. First you need to sell in order to get the chance of retention.

      The first step would be to spend the time or money to acquire leads, then build a relationship. Then sell. Then continue to build a relationship with customers.

      So as you can see by your comment you must acquire first and continue to acquire new customers. Time is best spent on both not on one or the other.

      Hope this helps all,

  • Rob in Oregon
    August 3, 2015 at 9:26 pm

    NPN founder Geof Stephens is promoting “NPN BUILDER”
    as a lead-in to NPN. … Do you have a link for that program?
    OR… Do you prefer for us to go strait to your NPN link?

    • admin • Post Author •
      August 3, 2015 at 10:03 pm

      Well Rob,

      That would totally depend on where you are at with network marketing.
      If you just want a done for sales funnel to skip the learning curve I also suggest the NPN Builder:

      But if you are experienced in Network marketing you may find the free report a whole lot more beneficial:

      It took me personally 3 times for the real light to come on.



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