Tricks To Increase Website Traffic

Tricks To Increase Website Traffic using free safe lists and viral mailers.

Free website traffic is always affordable to every level of internet marketer. Now as hopefully you know nothing is really free, especially when it comes to website traffic. You must be willing to make a trade. Where web site traffic is considered time can be an issue for most. I hear it all the time: “I don’t have time to sit at my computer all day clicking for credits.” Well what do you do with your time at the computer to drive website traffic to your affiliate link? Which by the way is your first mistake.

Obstacle 1 Where web site traffic is considered with free safe lists and viral mailers:

Safe List GenieTo many safe lists and viral mailers to choose from. When a person is searching on tricks to increase web site traffic the get so may results claiming fantastic web site traffic, many even say targeted traffic.

How can they claim targeted web site traffic if they have no clue yet on what kind of web site traffic you need? Crazy if you ask me.

When it comes to safe lists and viral mailers it is important to stay away from to many and do not focus on high membership as any kind of an advantage for you. Number of members will not mean anything if most members are inactive. It seems most safe list and viral members will not delete inactive members to keep their numbers falsely high.

As the safe list genie’s support Manager I have had many good long talk with owners and members to learn what works and what does not. I not referring to what to promote here. I have found it is not what but how you present your offer that makes no sales or makes a lot of money while using free safe lists and viral mailers.

I strongly suggest you first due a little soul searching before joining any safelist, viral mailer. ways to increase website traffic/531a329a3b51dAsk your self this question: How many hours a week can I sit at my computer and focus on just clicking your mouse? Divide that by number so days. Then start out figuring one safe list, viral mailer per thirty minutes per day.

An example; I can surf 10 hrs per week, I have a life you know, and I can only do clicking 2 days a week. so that comes out to 5 hrs a day. with that I would only join 10 safe lists, viral mailers, either or  not each.

That will give you time for life matters and emergency’s that may happen. After doing that for a couple of weeks you may find you can increase the number of safe lists you work a week. Yes just joining will get you nothing stay active or delete your membership.

If you start tracking where your website traffic is coming from I am absolutely sure you will find that eighty percent of your traffic will be coming from twenty percent of your time surfing.

Delete your membership in the eighty percent of the safe lists and join another until one-hundred percent of your time spent is driving web site traffic. You will turn a profit just clicking your mouse.

Stick with it and you can really make money online from any inter net business. It takes time but it is worth every minute when done right.

Obstacle 2 Where web site traffic is considered with free safe lists and viral mailers:

Inrease website trafficNot tracking where your traffic REALLY coming from is a huge mistake when it comes to free website traffic. Many will claim you are getting hits when in fact they are produced from some bots. Or human bots, I will cover this in another article.

I hear this all the when I remove, what is determined by our slgenie quality control team, from at least a few members:

Why is it that a safe list or viral mailer disappeared from slgenie? It was one of my best mailers. I will ask them how they know that? The reply: “I get signups every time I send to them”. You know the signup came because you got a signup after mailing to any safe list means nothing unless you track. I get signups from safe lists weeks after mailing to that one but while I am mailing to another. If you are not tracking you will never really know.

I highly recommend using The same program I use for all my Tracking needs!

Obstacle 3 Where web site traffic is considered with free safe lists and viral mailers:

Presentation Is the hardest obstacle, not hard but not easy either, to get money in your pocket when it comes to using safe lists and viral mailers to increase website traffic. Many claim that safe lists and viral mailers work best for lead generation. That is true but false at the same time.

True because there are several different kinds of people using safe list to increase traffic to there affiliate site. The problem come from they are already leads. In fact they are as good as any lead that you can purchase anywhere. That of lead will do nothing for your business.

False because if you present some generic lead capture page you might as well just promote your affiliate link. Now if you take a very targeted to your type of lead capture page, to a sales funnel, and use that to increase web site traffic you will do very well indeed.

To make a targeted lead capture, sales funnel, page you need to tools. I highly recommend the exact same set of marketing tools I use found here.

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