Step by Step Guide to Affiliate Marketing for Beginners in 2020

The first step is to choose the topic or niche for your affiliate website. You need to recommend products which belongs to specific category.

For example, you are interested in make up you choose beauty products to promote.

It is better to choose the topic based on your interest or hobby.

It is pretty easy when you convert your passion or hobby into a niche. If you are interested in cooking, fashion, music or reading books, make that as your niche.

Niche is defined as a “group of people interested in a particular topic”.

Choose the broader topic and narrow it down to finalize your niche. This makes you focus on a specific topic.

Let’s say, you decide to write on ‘parenting’. It is a broader topic which includes baby, toddlers, kids education, kids clothing, teen, etc. You need to narrow it down to one topic.

Suppose if you wish to choose ‘baby’ as your topic, you can still narrow it down to baby care or baby food. It is good to start with a more specific topic. Once you establish authority on your niche you can expand it.

Pick your niche wisely. If you have interest and considerable knowledge on the topic definitely you can choose that topic as your niche.

You can also select what you are interested in or what you are doing in daily routine. If you love to read books, you can write reviews on the books you have read and also suggest good books to read.

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Many online companies offer affiliate programs. These programs are free to join. Sign up with affiliate programs related to your niche and get affiliate links.

Every affiliate program offers a cookie period. If a product has a cookie period of 30 days and the visitor buys that product within the next 30 days, you will earn the sale commission.

The commission percentages vary for each program. Some affiliate programs provide recurring commission which gives lifetime income.

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