The 4-Step Video Formula to Get More MLM Leads On Social Media

Want to get more leads from your videos?

Here’s our simple video formula to get prospects reaching out to you!

The 4-Step Video Formula to Get More MLM Leads On Social Media

Our four step video formula is intro, question, content, call to action.

Intro, “Hi, my name is.”

The reason that we suggest that is there are people that are unable to hear you until they hear you say your name. Even though it’s on your page. It’s like, “Why do I need to say this? It’s right there.”

They’ll be like, “Who is this?”

You’ve got to learn to think like the fish, not the fisherman.

You’ve got to understand, people are easily confused.

Your intro doesn’t have to be what rank you’re at, doesn’t have to be your 42 ribbons you got in third grade, it doesn’t have to be all these different things, just your name. “Hi, my name is.”

The question is your hook to keep them on.

If you assume that they’re chasing kids, doing laundry, they’re running late for a dentist’s appointment, they got something in the oven that’s literally on fire, you’re battling all that.

If you think like that, you’ll keep them on.

You’ve got to assume they don’t know you, they’re busy as heck, they’ve got all kinds of things going on, they’re about to catch a plane. You want them to question rescheduling their plane to stay on your Live.

If you think like that, you’ll start to say, “Okay, all right, how do I craft something that’s really persuasive, to keep them on?”

So the question could be, “Today, I’m going to talk about the four ways to eliminate ten pounds.”

The content should be something of value, something to educate, something that talks about their problem that they’re having, of the type of person you’re trying to attract.

By the way, it could be from a book, could be from a magazine.

People don’t care if it’s your original idea. They care if it’s valuable, they care if it’s helpful, they care if it’s educational, entertaining, they care about that.

They don’t care if you read it from a magazine or read it from a book or you got it from a course, or you got it from an event. They don’t care. You don’t have to worry about this, this isn’t your project you’re turning in in middle school.

What about plagiarism? Tell them where you got it.

“I read this magazine.” They won’t care.

They’re more concerned about what is in it for them.

Call To Action

After you do the content, then the call to action.

It’s not enough to say, “Hey, if you really like this, share and comment.” You should. You should do that. But it’s not enough.

You’ve got to give them a reason to reach out.

So you can tell them:

“Hey, if you like this content, I actually have a full seven-day meal plan. If you’d like that for absolutely free, reach out to me. Happy to give it to you. If you like this, I actually have the 44 ingredients you shouldn’t have in your shampoo.”

But you don’t have to have a website to do this.

You can just say, “Hey, feel free to reach out to me, and I’m going to send you over my exercise plan.”

You could have something like that. Any of those things work.

Some call to action. “If you like this, hey feel free, I’ll send you a four-day meal plan. Shoot me a private message. If you’d like a list of what credit cards to avoid.”

It should be whatever is relevant with you. You can come up with a next thing.

Stop Trying To Close Everyone

See if they’re open, give them an out.

That, to me, is the right way to prospect. And then you go from there.

You’re looking for people that are looking. Stop trying to close everyone.

Very frustrating, to constantly analyze yourself on “What could I have said differently?”

There are so many people that I didn’t close. I just didn’t beat myself up with it, because it’s a waste of time.

Did you find that helpful?

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