The affiliate marketing industry is only continuing to grow.  It is huge.  As more and more Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Scamspeople move their spending online, as more and more people become aware of affiliate marketing, people naturally are looking for affiliate marketing training programs/software/help.

There are a lot of very legitimate companies, brands and people within the affiliate marketing space.  Unfortunately there are also a lot of affiliate marketing scams out there as well.  This is the natural process

(1) Upsell Funnels.

Affiliate Marketers reason with themselves saying that it is “normal” and “industry status quo” to offer upsells to people within their programs.  They compare it to the like of McDonalds asking, “do you want fries with that”.

The problem is though that you are getting part of the puzzle, not the entire thing and in affiliate marketing upsells compared to french friesorder to build the entire puzzle you need to keep spending more and more money.  An upsell to get another program that you “need”, an upsell to get websites/hosting, an upsell to get a tool, and upsell to get support.

Shouldn’t all of this stuff be included in the actual product itself?  I believe so.  Instead of creating one quality product that includes everything, you have folks selling 4-5 lower quality products/services that makes up something decent (if you are prepared to buy everything).

It is one of the most common affiliate marketing scams and one that is taking place literally everywhere.  If you pay for a product and the first thing they want you to do is pay for another product, run for the hills.

(2) Companies Selling Your Information to Solicitors.

Some of the biggest name gurus have been caught doing this and it is still going on.  You purchase a product through one company/person, perhaps this could be a low ticket purchase.

The next thing they do is hand over your details to an agency that will solicit mentorship type programs to you(usually several $1,000) and pressure you into buying into them.  They take the approach that they are “involved” with the company you made the initial purchase from the legitimize the offer.

The owner of the initial product gets a cut.  So does the company that has been given your information and sold you on the mentoring (usually a 50/50 split).

Be careful about this happening and if you ever receive a call from a company trying to sell you mentoring or any type of related service, do yourself a huge favor and hang up!

(3) Affiliate Programs That Don’t Pay.

Yes, believe it or not there are still companies out there that will offer you an affiliate program, allow you to make sales and then when it comes time to paying you, they make it next to impossible.

I personally have only had this happen a few times in my 14 years online, but it is something that you should be aware of can happen.  In fact I was owed $11,500 for two years before a company finally ponied up and paid the outstanding commissions (was a voIP Internet phone company).

Also, on occasion the reason the company will not be able to pay their commissions is because they end up going out of business. Make sure that you know the track record of the company before you get too involved with them.

(4) Products With No Product.

There are many programs out there these days that are claiming to be affiliate marketing opportunities when in actuality their product is based on promoting the very same product, without any actual tangible services involved.

These are very “pyramid like” and they are becoming more common places as the MLM world tries to head into the affiliate marketing space and try to create “legitimate” services.  Unfortunately these are built to make the founders and the early adopters rich and rely on other people “losing” money in order to work.

If you join a product for the sole purpose of promoting that product and you are getting the people that you promote that product to, to do the exact same thing…then you are part of a program that is operating in the shape of  triangle.

If you are involved in a program that relies on you buying into the program, upgrading to more expensive tiers, and then promoting the same program to others, run for the hills.

(5) High Ticket Programs

Paying a lot for something doesn’t make it a scam.  Paying too much for something and taking advantage of people’s “hope” and financial vulnerabilities is.  There are many companies out there that claim the only way to build an ultra successful business online is through selling LESS product at a much HIGHER price.

The logic is that it is easier to get 10 people to buy something at $1,000 than it is to sell 1,000 items at $10.  The logic also is that if you have fewer customers, these companies have fewer people to “muffle” from their complaints.

At the end of the day you are not getting any more value by spending $2,000-3,000 on a program that you are $20-30 typically, other than the perceived value might be higher for you because you paid WAY TO MUCH.

Some of the most common high ticket programs these days are:

  • High Ticket Mentoring
  • High Ticket Courses
  • High Ticket Masterminds
  • High Ticket Conferences

Never be lead to believe that because you are paying lots for something, it is going to be of higher value in the affiliate marketing industry.  Quite the contrary.  You are likely being scammed if you are paying several thousands for information in this industry.

(6) Get My Book Free, Just Pay the Shipping.

You have likely seen these offers out there.  You buy a book that a company/author has published.  They claimget-my-free-book-just-shipping

These sorts of offers have been in the affiliate/internet marketing space for many years.  You need to think to yourself though, what reason would lead someone to write a book, spend the money/time publishing it, only to give it away for free?

First, they want to be able to tout the “sales” of their book.  Although these are ‘artificially’ generated sales in a sense, these companies want to be able to use their “top seller” status for their book even though they gave it away for free.

Second, there is no money in them giving away their book.  They will set up shipping at a price point that covers the cost of publishing their books.  They are going to use your mailing information and your contact details to present you with other offers.  Often times these are in the $1,000’s.  Often times there are instant upsells and OTO (one time offers) as well.

Lastly, these books are often times overtly promotional for the companies respective brand, products and services that they offer.

Be careful and if you ever see an offer like this in the affiliate marketing or internet marketing industry, question the motives.  They are usually to turn YOU into a profit engine for their company by selling much more expensive stuff for you.

Thankfully, There is Hope For Affiliate Marketing.

In is not all bad, in fact it is mostly “good” in the affiliate marketing industry.

Where there is money to be made, there are people that are trying to take advantage of others though.   That is the unfortunate part of the business world.   However, not all companies operate their business in this way and there are a lot of “shining stars” within the affiliate marketing world and people that truly care, that push the industry in a positive direction, and then continue to work to evolve and truly help folks within this space.

There are A LOT of legitimate affiliate programs.    Do your due diligence, research a program before you join and if the product is legitimate and they have a good track record, chances are the affiliate program is legit.

There are a lot of legitimate affiliate networks.   To name a few,,, amazon associates, and the ebay affiliate network.  There are literally 100’s of affiliate networks out there, many of which are high quality and you usually do not have to worry about

There are a A LOT of legitimate affiliate marketing training programs.   I have Wealthy Affiliate - Affiliate Marketing Trainingpersonally been helping people for close to 11 years in this space.   If you ever need a hand, I can coach you personally within the Wealthy Affiliate community (where you have everything you need to create, grow and manage your business online).  No upsells.  No high ticket.  Just straight up training, tools, websites, hosting, support and networking

You can check out the other quality programs that I recommend in the industry under “The Good” section in my top menu.

There are a lot of legitimate affiliate marketing tools.   These range from stats tools like Google Analytics (which is completely free), to keyword research platforms like, and

And there are a lot of people that care your affiliate marketing business.   There are lots of good guys in the industry.  A good way to determine this is if you actually get a response from the founders of the company and they are not constantly blasting you with “one way messages” (with little to no response to the feedback).

So although there are a lot of scams in the affiliate marketing industry, there are a lot of programs that will truly help you and your business.  The opportunity within the affiliate marketing space only continues to grow with each day that passes.  You can literally promote MILLIONS of different products as an affiliate and carve out your business within any niche that you want.

Before I leave you today, I want to open the communication with you here.  If you have any affiliate marketing experiences that have left you feeling as though you have just been “scammed”, please leave them below.  Let’s start a discussion and keep the affiliate marketing industry a safe place for all of us to co-exist!

  1. Mark Douglas

    Anthony Morrison and his promotions. Buy into his system and you get swamped with emails promoting more products. Plus you need to buy more and more “additional” services to make his program work.
    I was fortunate to get most all of my money back.

  2. bob

    When dealing with a business in another state are you able to call the Secretary of State and receive information whether that company is legitimate or not? Would you know if accelerated sales and marketing LLC in Atlanta Ga is legitimate?

  3. David Crist

    Kyle, wish I had found WA before being scammed by MOBE. It was a learning experience although an expensive one. They insinuated that they had a suite of on line learning products but the farther in you went you discovered that their only product was MOBE. Their “coaches” turned out to be nothing but up sell stooges. They never even read any of your e-mails . Justice Dept. finally closed them down.

  4. Monique

    Kyle, Thanks for information to identify a scammer. I have “ran to the hills” many times. The offers didn’t makes financial sense to me.
    Being aware is a powerful strategy.

  5. LJacob

    Thank you Kyle for taking time to address some of these problems of Online or Affiliate marketing programs. I believe more are still springing up on daily basis and only God will deliver us and those still falling victim will notice their operations and quit.

  6. Emma

    I have been so confused and overwhelmed the last few months. I have been buying courses and asking for guaranteed money back because of the upsell scams you described. No body gets anywhere selling the same thing over and over. Thank you for your information.

  7. Melissa Desveaux

    I have just signed up with the Super Affiliate Network. Do you have any knowledge about this one?

  8. John Babcock

    Has anyone heard about MAZ Marketing, LLC? Legit or scam? I’m looking to do something in retirement and had a call from them using Amazon Affiliates.

  9. Jo

    Hello Kyle.
    is RU Affiliates (Philippines) legit?

  10. Phyllis A. Thoren

    Kyle, So if joining Wa, the membership and tools are free, correct? Then you are able to upgrade and pay what amount, and what do you get for the extra money, and isn’t this considered an upsell? I am really interested in your company, just need a few answers. Thanks

  11. Mary O’Donnell

    What about Stuart Ross of laptop entrepreneurs, he is all over every youtube video I watch and has lots of people doing ‘success story’ videos that seem insincere and copycat – thing is I watched his intro videos and he would not tell us what he was selling or the price!! Just dangled a lot of carrots at us. And after suffering through to the end of a long video there was a chance to ask questions – so I asked about disclosure on the price – never got an answer

    good tip on those ‘free’ books btw , the fmed docs who have taken brendon burchard’s course are playing that tactic all the time in my inbox, their marketing is horrendous and ruins their product and services

  12. Adam

    Hi Kyle, that is a good post. A few weeks ago i was one click away from joining an affiliate network called GAZ then i looked further into it and it looke to me to be one of the systems that simply sells its own memberships. The coach that i was connected with assured me it was a legit system that sells health products but for the life of me i could not find proof of that online.
    That led me to more research on the affiliate marketing systems out there and it finally led me to the WA, its been about 2 weeks as apart of WA and so far i am really glad i found it. My website is coming along and every time I think ‘how do i do _______?’ there is a video to walk me through it and a calm voice guiding me to do that which I would not be able to figure out on my own.
    I find that this journey isn’t only a business opportunity but it is also like taking a part time college education.
    Thanks for all the guidance.

  13. Rebecca Alfaro

    I signed up with AWOL Academy and after reviewing the info, decided it was too difficult for a tech novice. I reached out to take advanytage of the refund but they never returned my call. I finally got through 4 weeks later and they refused to refund my money. I was supposed to recieve some training materials which never arrived. All I have received is an auto generated e-mail from the founder once every week. Im going to an Abraham Hicks Seminar next month and Im going to make sure they know what is going on as AWOL advertizes on Abrahams You Tube Channel. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR AWOL ACADEMY!!!

  14. Got no money

    Hey Kyle
    What do you think about team Phoenix is it a scam

  15. Regina

    Thanks for your article. It was informative. I just got involved with 411. Have you heard of them? My family is convinced that it may be a scam. Into days the owner has an appointment to have a telephone conference with me. According to article this may indicate it’s more legitimate. This is a Microsoft affiliate program. My website is I would welcome you to look at it and would appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

  16. Solo

    Just recently linked up with AWOL Academy and paid about 1000 dollars for some their training programs. Have you heard of them? Is their training worth the money?

  17. BobbyCorno

    Kyle – I was recently burned (but thankfully only for $7) by an outfit called Rich Janitor, whose spiel was that he’d stumbled on some way to make fabulous money on the net. After signing up, I was immediately pommeled with an offer for ‘special individual help from the founder’, which would only cost me an additional $497. I declined, and immediately started seeking out legitimate ways to make money on the net, and came across Wealthy Affiliate, on which I am now a member.

    I could not be happier with that choice, and will be working through the spectacularly detailed and honest programs that WA offers while reaching my internet marketing goals. Thanks for the great share!

  18. Tyler

    Lol I have been getting constants ads linking to Global Affiliate Zone ( in my Facebook. It is almost mind boggling how this is not illegal. The bread and butter is you join this group and get others to join this group and then you run around and post about how great it is and put up cliche and trite motivational quotes all over social media. Man I guess it shouldn’t bother me that there are stupid people out there who fall for these traps,m but it is bothersome the effort and energy put in by the people producing this content.

    • Kelly

      This is huge in BC Canada right now, GAZ has over 10,000 people buying into this scam! Its unbelievable this is not illegal- the catch is they all sell their lives to show how rich they are and they only work for 2 hours a day. Sign up for a membership for $99 but then you have to buy a water filter system for $8000…. scam for sure. Hopefully someone catches on to this soon. It was on ctv news, an 70 year old man fell for this and they refused to give his money back. Funny thing is the one running this brags about making $300,000 a year…

  19. Camil

    Kyle, how do we know you’re not also a scam, promoting your wealthy affiliate by pushing your competitors aside? I’m not saying you are a scam, but I don’t know who to trust anymore.

  20. Lissy

    Great informative article. I have been looking into starting a website for affiliate marketing and have looked into the affilorama blueprint training and also the wealthy affiliate. I was wondering what insight you could offer into if the are good value for the money paid? Or if you would be able to recommend another affiliate marketing training program. I am keen to get started but do not wish to be paying over the odds for something that is not worth it.
    Look forward to your response.

  21. Terry

    Kyle, Great information! Thank you for posting this as it helped me to feel good about the decisions I have made in the past two weeks!

  22. Michael Spadaccini

    As a networker (proud one at that) I was approached by an affiliate marketer known to me, inviting me to look at his opportunity. As I normally look at new opportunities for what they may offer, with extreme due diligence I may add. His did not appeal from the get go for the following reasons.

    1) He was involved with two mlm companies whereby he promoted the heck out of them to only burn the people originally involved with him.

    2) His foray into affiliate marketing is seeing him post his earnings which appear handsome, but fails to disclose any pros or cons unless signing up to his website for a paltry $1.00

    My point I wish to make & and illustrated by you. Is that there is legit & illegitimate opportunity out there in “ALL” businesses / opportunities. As a very proud networker marketer, yes I will name my company, MaxInternational. I thoroughly researched the company & its science, and the how & why we bring to the world our brand of scientifically proven products.

    The everyday mum & dad, not to mention all those with entrepreneurial ambition, that are looking for their “vehicle”. Must do their due diligence before embarking on their new journey.

    There is no such thing as a get rich scheme, as all worthy cause entails hard work. It must also include without question transparency, honesty & full support. Devoid of hype, sensationalism & BS.

    Please do not write off all mlm companies or scare with the good old, its a pyramid.

    Wishing the very best to all entrepreneurs in our mutual quest to not only succeed for ourselves, but too also empower others in a solid biz & friendship relationship.

  23. Tony Burse

    Thanks for the clarity. I really the comparison of what to look for and what watch out for.
    Thanks a bunch

  24. christinamk

    You give great advice by saying to research a program before signing up. I was researching programs online I found so many negative reviews about certain product and people saying that they have lost thousands in the them. But there was evidence of some people succeeding with the program so I was still interested in it.

    But when I found a review of Wealthy Affiliate and could not find a single negative remark about the program, I knew that Wealthy Affiliate was the better choice and that the other program was a huge scam in comparison. I’m glad there are good people like yourself in the world of internet marketing that can help others make an honest income on the internet.

  25. Raymond Oickle

    Hi Kyle, One of the things I really despise is the lack of integrity some people have when sending out emails. I’ve even seen programs that actually tell people to pretend their emails are being sent from highly respected sites, such as paypal…

    Anyway, sorry for going off topic, there are plenty of scams out there, and those upsell programs are one of the worst.

  26. Chris

    Wow! Thannks for your post Kyle. It’s amazing, the amount of scam companies out there posing as legitimate companies. Because of this I was naturally suspicious of Wealthy Affiliate and I spent the entire 7 free days before I joined. I am GLAD I joined. This just make it harder for legitimate companies like WA to earn the trust of individuals.
    Keep up the good work Kyle!

  27. CherylK

    A really good article and lessons to learn. Years ago I was recruited into Mary Kay, a skin care company. At the time, I was so naive I didn’t realize was an MLM was. I ended up spending way more money than I earned and when I decided to send everything back and quit, I received a tongue-lashing from my “director” that completely threw me for a loop! She was angry because my leaving the company was going to reflect on her numbers!!

  28. Patricia

    You know I never considered just paying for shipping & handling a scam, that was an informative and interesting point.However, I do believe you’re right, when the word ‘FREE’ is mentioned there shouldn’t be any payment at all or someone has told a big fib. That really aggravates me and I fuss about that quite a bit.My true pet peeve though is the scam that you mentioned called pyramid, I was involved in one but was unaware at the time.

    At first I felt so excited at being part of a group that was seemed so promising and met at seminars since I loved stuff like that and still do. Then my sponsor got me approved as an Associate there and I was told it would be easy but it was far from it, it was intrusive and expensive as well. Although they changed their name, Prepaid Legal was definitely one of those pyramid places.You have achieved your purpose here, this article has made me much more aware and appreciate Wealthy Affiliate even more. Thank you Kyle!

  29. Brandon

    Hey there!
    Thank you for taking the time to warn us of the pitfalls we can come across while searching for affiliate marketing opportunites. I have come across a few of these myself, and it is not fun at all. Thankfully there is communities like WA like you mentioned that do help you and it’s great!

  30. Mijareze

    I just read your post. I find it hard to believe all the scams that are out there. It’s no wonder people are afraid of doing business with legit companies. It took me 2 months before I joined Wealthy Affiliate University because I thought it was just another scam site. Today, I am glad I took the plunge.

  31. Heather Grace

    I have just started in internet marketing (less than 6 months) and found this article very informative! The thought of not getting paid was one of my worst fears. I have shied away from smaller lesser known companies. But some of the bigger ones pay so little that it becomes hard to make anything. Do you have any tips additional on protecting yourself from non-paying affiliate programs? Great stuff as usual!

  32. SeasonGirl

    You know I never considered just paying for shipping & handling a scam, that was an informative and interesting point.

    However, I do believe when the word ‘FREE’ is mentioned there shouldn’t be any payment at all or someone told a big fib. I fuss about that quite a bit 🙂

    My true pet peeve is the pyramid; someone says it’ll be easy but it’s far from and expensive as well. Although they changed their name, Prepaid Legal was one of those places.

  33. Terrance Williams

    This is quite an interesting collection. You have to remember that a lot of the people running scams are actually misdirected geniuses. They are experts at manipulation. I think any one who has been involved in shopping around for some sort of an income for a while has been taken in by one or more of these scams. It is almost a badge of honor saying I survived and still have enough of an ego to go on trying. I bet you even left a few grammatical errors in this so we could think that this guy is really one of us!

  34. Chris Towers

    Thanks for this information.

    There are a lot of scams out there with the ability to give you the impression they are the best programs around. It is only after you have parted with your money that you realize the mistake you have made.

    There are a lot of so called offers out there that do not pay and will take your money in advance happily. Your post really highlights what to look out for.

  35. Brendan

    Hi great post. I read with interest your recommendations and looked into the Wealth Affiliate program in a bit more depth. This program looks like there are great resources and tools as well as a really solid and supportive community. Is this your experience?

  36. Italian Brave Heart

    Hi great post. I read with interest your recommendations and looked into the Wealth Affiliate program in a bit more depth. This program looks like there are great resources and tools as well as a really solid and supportive community. Is this your experience? Are you planning to look at any other programs in the near future?

  37. Ariel Baradarian

    Once again Kyle, this is an awesome post that really exposes the negatives of the many affiliate programs out there, most of which are really scams.

    And I’m impressed that you didn’t even have to mention the names of any programs, although by now, we probably can tell which ones are scams!

  38. Samuel

    Great post in pointing out the top affiliate marketing scams. What I notice is that since pyramid schemes are illegal, a lot of companies are just adding some products into their “scheme” to hide the fact their still scamming people of their money. Even if you know what a pyramid scheme is, you still might be scam by them because they are just so good at using psychology to trick people. They really bring a bad name to making money online…

    I just want to say I’ve been in Wealthy Affiliate for about a month now and I did not regret my decision since the day I joined! Thank you for your help all this while, I really appreciate it! 🙂

  39. Arif

    This is a very good article and in great depth. It is good to have this sort of information online for customers who are interested in venturing into the world of affiliate marketing. I myself have looked online for many different ways to make money online and whilst coming across affiliate marketing, I never went ahead because I was scared and had very limited knowledge.

    I never knew there were so many different type of scams with affiliate marketing. It is good that you are letting others inside of the world that you know so well and help us prospective entrepreneurs before we do get ripped. Fantastic information.

  40. Sam

    Another excellent post, very informative and to the point. However, I do have two questions for you?

    When you say that one phone company owed you but failed to pay when it was due for over 2 years. How did you eventually get them to pay up? Did you have to use any legal action?

    When you say investigate the company before becoming an affiliate for them to check are they not near bankruptcy.

    I take it you have to investigate companies individually or is there a website that holds reports at the end of the month for specific companies in a niche?

    I’ve had a similar experience but the money owed to me was too low for me to take action on them ($23.00 from two sales) and the program disappeared after three weeks after I was due payment. The program was called Blue moon.

  41. Jonathan

    Great post Kyle! I appreciate the honesty and straight forwardness. Sometimes I feel as if honest and straight forward people are a dying breed. There are still a few of us out there and we will need to keep hustling and pushing forward to reach as many people we can so that we can reproduce more of us. I’m sure a lot of people want to be honest and have an honest business but they just get turned because of the majority. True leaders will be alive forever.

  42. Michael

    Hey Kyle,
    what a great article to great for a noobie just getting into affiliate marketing. Personally I have almost fell into an MLM, but before I make a decision on anything I usually talk to the people around me for advice. They immediately told me it would be very difficult to actually make money from it and it could be a scam so I never did it, and I’m glad! Overall, awesome article and I will share it with my friends. Have a great one Kyle.

  43. Gloria

    Yup, I’ve seen them all. It’s good to have this information available to the public as a lot of people don’t have a clue that they are about to be scammed. Too bad so many choose to be dishonest. You have to wonder why they don’t see the big picture , as it will eventually all come falling down when they are found out.

  44. Somesh

    Thanks for this great info. It will be a help to many, I’m sure.

    Wealthy Affiliate was where we got our foundation, and today many years later, we have a legit online business that has generated over 6 figures a year for the past several years and we’re currently building a products business that’s looking to grow much bigger. But WA is certainly where it all began, so yeah – we can vouch for that. We proudly tell people that we got our basics at Wealthy Affiliate.

  45. Tony B

    1 – upsells, indeed wtf! surely it should be included, otherwise it’s a little like the carrot and the stick is it not?

    2 – I don’t know how many times I have to remove myself from email lists where I know they are selling my details OR just ignoring my requests for removal, it’s a never-ending task it seems.

    3 – Best get a handle on good affiliates, no harm in asking in a “trusted forum” init!

    4 – MLM – I ain’t even going to get started here as it’s something that REALLY rubs me up the wrong way.

    5 – High ticket seems to sell the idea of higher quality – BS, I’ve seen far too many products coming from the guru’s like ‘FK’ that have far too many red flags!

    6 – Hey Kyle … you nailed it! “They will set up shipping at a price point that covers the cost of publishing their books. They are going to use your mailing information and your contact details to present you with other offers. ”

    Hell yeah, opportunity knocks for peeps that want a real opportunity. I got scammed by an eBay rip-off back in 2008 to the tune of £6000.

    That’s when I found that about Affiliate marketing and WA

  46. Michelle Williams

    Thanks, Kyle, for your insight on this. Number 6 is definitely a turnoff for me. More often than not, the shipping fees are not disclosed on the initial page until the buy button is clicked and then it’s displayed on the payment page. A big turn off. So are those “upsells”. I did purchase some in the past, but those have become turn off to me, as well. Thanks for this refreshing article. 🙂

    • Michelle Williams

      Correction – I meant to say, some of those upsells…….IMO, I don’t think all of them are turnoffs -some of them I will purchase because I need the info……….. 🙂

  47. Kendall

    Been in the industry long enough to realize that for every good product there are 5 or 6 bad ones and this is based on experience. It is too bad that companies can get away from such robbery but like you said when there is a lot of money at stake people do evil things.

    One other thing you could add to your list here are products that make ridiculous claims, earn $1,000’s overnight sort of thing. I see these everywhere and I just laugh knowing all the suckers that fall for this junk, frig I was one of those suckers a few years back.

    Don’t fall for the get rich quick stuff because the only people making money off of that are those selling those types of wares.

  48. adrian sawyer

    Great article and nothing but the truth. I see this all the time, and it annoys me.

  49. Stu

    I just wanted to drop a small testimonial about WA and the support within. The program has really changed my life, and it’s thanks in part to the guy who wrote this article (Kyle).

    I too was victim of an MLM, and looking back I just have to laugh. I was so excited about it, and I tried so hard to convince people that it was legitimate, and even though technically it wasn’t a “scam”, there was no value in it. Sure, I made money, but it wasn’t consistent. It wasn’t sustainable, and in my opinion now, it sure as heck wasn’t ethical.

    I mean, if your aim is to make money at the expense of helping people, what does that say about you?

    Affiliate marketing, and specifically WA, is something that you can get excited about. It’s worth the time, and worth the sacrifice. In it you will learn how to build a real business, with a solid foundation.

    There are so many positive aspects to it, and before I get long-winded I’ll say this: The support is second to none. Instead of fumbling around in the dark like you would with other programs, you have 24/7 access to every member available. It’s truly powerful stuff. Its real!

    Thanks Kyle for helping to change my life and outlook!

  50. Wanda

    Awesome information about some affiliate programs is scams. I would like to know if my decision to be an affiliate is not in vain when I make a selection which affiliate program I choose.

    Thanks so much for the information.

  51. Ian

    I am probably a bit different than most of the people reading this, I have never done an affiliate program or made money online..I have a great career but I realize to have true freedom I need to do something else for myself..I see all of these people on fb pimping out new programs every week and talking about their amazing lifestyle but it is so hard to know who or what to trust so I haven’t started anything.

    It seems like a lot of these guys have huge lists and just bring a bunch of people with them to each program. I have a passion to learn this and I know theres a lot of money to be made but I don’t know where to start. Any input would be much appreciate. Thank you!

  52. Online English Teacher

    What a pleasure to learn that the affiliate marketing industry is growing. As a newbie trying to find my way into affiliate marketing I must confess I can’t fall prey of such scams after digesting your piece of advice.

    Just a quick question is there anything being done to clean the industry of such malpractice?

  53. Dr. K.

    As always, your site is extremely useful and straightforward. The article is also super easy to follow and absorb. I definitely learned a lot – I wasn’t even aware that there were still affiliate programs out there that didn’t pay..!

    I’ve seen a lot of the “Free book, just pay shipping” scam – a real shame for (true) new authors trying to market their books and honestly offering the same deal (without the upselling).

    I’ll be checking out the rest of your site to explore the other ‘scams’ out there!

  54. Rosie

    I was scammed recently by a site that ‘paid’ for referrals….it was a front for a ‘referral spam’ site that changed names every time you reached the payout level! Then, to make it worse, it used your own sites against you! It took some doing to get it out of my sites back office….lol. A lesson I won’t forget. Apparently, a lot of it comes from RU links….be forewarned.