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Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is an organised marketing strategy where the sales force is not just compensated for sales they generate personally, but also for the sales made by others that they recruited. The recruited sale- force is referred as the sales person’s “downline”, which can help  earn multiple levels of compensation.

So how does MLM benefit your business? The maths is simple! The more leads you have, the better results you will be able to accomplish. Leads play a very crucial part for any successful network-marketing business. But what exactly are MLM leads? How do you find MLM leads? Let’s find out in the section below:

MLM Leads:

Whether it is network marketing leads or home based leads, MLM leads can fit into any industry and deliver great results. MLM leads can be categorized as:

Real Time Leads: These kinds of leads are sent to the client just a few seconds after they are generated. These are the types of leads that Live Lead Store offers our customers.

Fresh Leads: Fresh leads are typically positioned in the market as leads are made available anytime between 0-72 hours.

Aged Leads: These can typically be classes as leads older than 72 hours. Aged leads can provide you with ample of success, especially if you try to use hundreds of them all at one time. An additional advantage is that aged leads are typically less expensive to purchase.

Different Types of Leads

Since there are numerous types of leads, it is always better to have a clear understanding of all the types. This will help you make useful decision about your business. Let’s take a look at types of MLM leads that can be on offer:

Phone Verified: This means that the leads phone numbers have been verified to be correct. These kind of leads are most common when considering leads from different countries such as USA and Canada. In this, the machine is used to call all the leads which tests that the phone number was real.

Phone Interviewed: Even though these kinds of leads are not very common, these are still mainly used for generating US and Canadian leads. Phone Interviewed leads are labor intensive and one of the most expensive ones.

Surveyed Leads: There are many companies that offer leads that include all the necessary details such as name, phone number, email, telephone and street address. In addition to this, surveyed leads also include answers to all important questions. The extra information found in Surveyed leads makes it much easier for businesses to find the right people. Surveyed leads are premium leads and worth the investment.

Economy Leads: Such kind of leads complete a very simple form, which includes the name, phone number and email address of the leads. These are usually less expensive, but ensure great results when the calls are made.

Email Leads: These are another set of inexpensive leads and often delivered in huge quantities such as 500,000 leads. The only information that you get from these leads are email address. These leads work well for people who have experience in email marketing.

State Based Leads: As the name suggests, these leads are available for people who want to work on the leads from their chosen states. For example: if you are based in the Australia, you can ask for leads specifically from Victoria or New South Wales.

Similarly, you can also opt for gender based leads. For instance: if your business is into manufacturing cosmetic products, then targeting female leads is what will reap your good results.

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