Guest Post: Deborah Abrams Kaplan explains why the PRO Act threatens freelance careers – Technology Content Marketing Writer | Jennifer Goforth Gregory – Raleigh Freelance Technology Writer

Note from Jennifer: Today I wanted to take a shift from our usual focus of building our business to an issue that has the potential to threaten our ability to make a living – the PRO act. I urge you to read this post carefully and take the actions that Debbie recommends as well as […]

How to Choose (and Use) the Right Content Marketing Metrics

There’s nothing more frustrating than sinking time, energy, budget, and resources into marketing that doesn’t move the needle. That’s why having a strong content strategy is crucial. And while there are many elements of a content strategy (e.g., your goals, content ideas, editorial calendar), the most important thing you need is a way to know […]

How To Implement A Cost Effective Digital Marketing Strategy – RedAlkemi

It’s incredibly easy to end up spending thousands on a marketing campaign that never pays off or one that you can’t quite tell how effective it was. When designing your marketing campaign, it’s essential that you take a measured approach and utilize the most cost-effective tools available. Define your budget Before you even get started, […]

21 Content Marketing KPIs You Need To Track

Tracking your content marketing performance isn’t as easy as simply measuring your ROI – you need content marketing KPIs. By its very nature, content marketing demands time, effort and consistency. This makes performance analysis a complicated and often overlooked process. That ends today.  The difference between a good and great content marketer is found in […]

How To Sign Up Your Brand With The Right Digital Marketing Agency? – Nextraone

How to sign up your brand with the right digital marketing agency? A brand without an online presence is like a car without tires. Whether you are a startup or a successful brand with a legacy of decades, having an online presence is a must. That’s because the online medium has made it possible for […]

#1 Digital Marketing Agency Chicago –

We are a little different to other digital marketing agencies out there. Here at Rankers Paradise we use our proven strategies that guarantee results. If you have a business located in Chicago we can help. Our current clients have top rankings for many search terms of all difficulty levels. We only work with you if […]