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Content Marketing New Strategies For 2021

Proper development of marketing strategy requires creating relevant and valuable content for the audience. Thus the goal of content marketing is to create and distribute relevant and valuable content. So that it can attract the attention of the audience and encourage them to become future customers.

Content marketing has been present in companies and firms’ ranking strategies for over 12 years. Has anything changed during this time? Are these strategies effective in 2021? In this article, we will provide you all the necessary information related to content marketing for 2021 and the new trends of this tool.

Understanding content marketing

We explained in a previous article that the effectiveness of content marketing is based on generation. Also, place content on different platforms to attract and even capture potential customers. So the main goal of content marketing is to pay attention. And keep those possibilities relevant and valuable by providing relevant content.

Why should you do content marketing?

It is important to note that content marketing is another link in the chain of marketing and engagement strategies.  An organization or corporation can apply to help consumers remembering your name, service, and/or product. In that sense, we’ve outlined a few reasons to start marketing content to your company:

New trends in content marketing

 In 2020, following the limitations caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have made drastic changes to their digital marketing strategies. Many traditional companies, little automated, took limitations. Such as those generated by remote work, as opportunities to reinvent themselves and manage the situation.

Several unknowns about what could happen in 2021. There is a lot of speculation going on that this year is going to be a big change in content marketing. Change for which marketers need to be prepared.

Related to the above, 2020 has not yet established that technologies have been successful and has seen significant returns in their use and application. In that sense, what will be the new content marketing strategies for 2021? After that, we will answer you.

Strategies for 2021

1. Visual content marketing

The importance of visuals in content marketing will continue to have a major impact beyond 2021. 

Now that diminishing attention has become the norm and the amount of content being generated is increasing, new content marketing strategies need images to tell provocative and memorable stories.

Also, by 2021 we will see more abstract designs that not only provide a story but also grab the reader’s attention. 2021 will be the year of Picasso rather than Van Gogh.

These trends will affect the notions of infographics as well as those designed on social media.

Visual content should be a priority, understand what attracts users’ attention.

2. Marketing of interactive content

Interactive marketing is already the trend of content marketing around the world.

This style of marketing has an unexpected origin, augmented reality and virtual reality on social media.

Snapchat in particular has taken reality to a new level with its filters and games, another feature that Instagram has also covered with great success.

However, this measure of augmented reality filters may not be enough for your followers to use on their social networks. 2021’s interactive content marketing needs to go beyond the social sphere.

Customers expect brands to create an interactive experience in their website design, content, and live advertising.

In 2021 we will see brands adopt more QR or AR codes so that users can use their mobile devices and access interactive content as well as avoid contact with physical parts.

3. Live content

During quarantine, the use of live video was very helpful for brands and companies. Marketing professionals around the world have focused their efforts on video production to engage their audiences.

However, video marketing will see a change in 2021. Video production can become very expensive.

Live video has gained rapid popularity in recent months, which has solved the problem with the high cost of audiovisual production. In addition, they are easier to produce and distribute more personal touch, something valuable in recent times।

Of course live content needs to be planned – you don’t want to be annoyed or mistaken when you say or display a product, do you?

Even with these aspects in mind, live video is proving to be more interesting, more interactive, and more profitable than video content.

4. Artificial intelligence

You’ve probably noticed that chatbots have become much more sophisticated than they were last year.

Because the Artificial Intelligence Agency (AI) took a significant leap after a crash installation a few years ago.

The AI ​​that is now used to create chatbots is powered by machine learning software. This means that these chatbots are learning more as they get more information.

This has been effective not only in powerful chatbots but also in chatbots that make more people listen.

However, in 2021, AI will not only be used by chatbots. Rather it will play a huge role in data collection, content collection, and distribution of content and promotions.

5. Micro-moments in content marketing

While most brands focus on the ultimate goal of customer travel, in 2021 marketers need to focus on optimizing every step of the process.

The growing popularity of mobile search and marketing has undoubtedly increased the importance of micro-moments.

Thus, customers often take part in the buyer’s journey while the buyers continue to do other things, forcing them to maintain their interest in the brand.

It will not be enough to make your ultimate goal (landing page) the focus of your marketing campaign.

Every moment on the way to the sale must be considered and exploited.

In that sense, by 2021, those who have dedicated themselves to this work must make sure that their message is seen as often as possible. If you want to communicate with them, they should also decide how to reach their target market.

In this case, AI would be a great stimulus – using it to study what has worked in the past and understanding what is needed in the future will make the process of content marketing more efficient and profitable.

6. SEO

Search engines have been embracing it ever since it was discovered. But recent technological advances and epidemics have opened up business opportunities that they did not realize were necessary.

Also, ways are being created to optimize our content for SEO. Siri, Alexa, and Cortana have become very household names and they are changing search engine marketing and CRO in different ways.

Due to the popularity of voice-activated devices, voice search is on the rise. This means that the type of query sent to search engines has changed.

Instead of focusing on keywords and key phrases, in content marketing, you need to build your content into long keywords as well as whole phrases, such as “Where’s the nearest digital marketing agency online?”

Recent updates to Google’s search algorithm will also affect brands. Google will no longer list multiple links from the same page to any other page unless it is highly relevant.

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