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What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular (and profitable) ways bloggers can make money online. More accurately described as referral marketing, it’s the process by which people recommend a person’s or company’s product or service. The affiliate (referrer) then earns a fee or commission when one of those referrals purchase the product or service.

It’s a popular monetization tool for bloggers because it’s easy to get started, you’re only promoting the products you want, and the earnings can be much higher than other methods of making money online.

At Fistbump Media, we currently offer two different opportunities to earn affiliate commissions:

  1. e-Course sales

And you can register and earn from either or both of these programs!

Earn Money with Blog/Website Hosting Referrals

Our managed blog/website hosting has quickly become a popular alternative to the hosting giants who have dominated with little to no personal touch. With our BASIC Hosting, we take the stress out of maintaining a website by taking care of the updates, security, and optimization needed to keep a site running smooth and secure.

We currently offer a $10 commission for every person you refer who signs up for any hosting plan. And for a limited time, we’re DOUBLING that for you if they sign up for BASIC Hosting (or higher). That’s $20 in your pocket for every managed hosting client we pick up on your behalf!

When you register as an affiliate for blog/website hosting sales, we’ll give you access to the graphics and special links you need to refer people so you’ll get credit when they purchase. You can share the links and graphics on your site, on social media, via email… wherever you think you’ll be able to refer someone to get the hosting.


Start earning $20 for each person you refer who purchases any of our managed blog/website hosting .

Earn Money with e-Course Sales

We’re building a library of educational resources for bloggers/writers, entrepreneurs, and small business leaders. These self-paced e-courses are designed to help people learn the skills they need to achieve greater success with their online platform efforts. It’s a growing library with new courses launching regularly, so there are always new opportunities to share something fresh and earn more money!

E-course affiliate sales earn 10% on every purchase. Courses range in price from $10 up to $40, with some coming soon for business builders which will sell for $100 (or more).

With each new launch, you’ll have the opportunity to join the launch team. When you help us in this way, you can get the new course for free and ride along with the other promotional efforts we have going on. It’s a great opportunity to maximize your sales efforts!


Start earning 10% for each e-course sale you refer. You’ll also have the opportunity to join the launch team for future launches, and get free access to new courses.

How to Succeed with Affiliate Marketing

When you join either (or both) of our affiliate marketing programs, we’ll also send you an occasional newsletter with tips on how to get the most out of your efforts. We want to see you succeed, and are always willing to help in any way we can!

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